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Are you ready to take the leap?

Because we can assure you that there is no time like now. That now is the time to step into your Heart.

We want to take you on a transformational, self discovery journey as we explore the Heart of Yoga. Anahata Yoga. 

”Anahata” is Sanskrit for heart/heart center, and just as it sounds, it is a heart-opening Yoga Practice that helps you explore who you are and your true potential!

Yoga meaning Union – Union with Your Heart, and for this we practice Love. Learning to love yourself exactly as you are. Without expectations, nor conditions.

Learning to truly honor and respect yourself, because everything starts with you.

Anahata Yoga is a very unique, powerful and graceful style of traditional Hatha Yoga and is known as the “Dance between Shiva and Shakti”.

Shiva; the conscious awareness of the mind, joining together with Shakti; the Kundalini Shakti energy residing in the base of your body.

As they join together in your heart, the home of your spirit. The center of balance, love and compassion.

This dance helps you create inner balance and interplay, as well as understanding how everything is connected. The understanding of who and what YOU are.

Because we humans are such an amazing network of cellular intelligence, energy, thoughts, emotions, electrical currents, organ actions, hormones, nervous systems, tissues, blood and lymph flows; All these elements are interactive and can be transformed through this Yoga practice.

We focus especially on the internal aspects of Yoga: organ cleansing, nervous system, circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood, as well as the release of Limiting patterns of behaviours, psychic knots and pranic (energy) blocks to enable you to achieve your true potential.

As Anahata Yoga, just like everything else is constantly growing and evolving, there has been some changes for the training. The training will be split in two parts instead of being held in a four weeks course.

We’ll be offering the first module of two weeks of the 200 Hours training this winter at The Sanctuary Thailand and the second module will take place at the end of April (16.4. – 28.4.2023) in Mallorca, Spain (please contact Caroline for more information).

Each module consists of 100 Hours and can be taken separately or together.
The training will be hosted by Peter’s senior apprentice, Caroline.

Your Guide 

Caroline Altmann

Caroline has been practicing Yoga for over 11 years, always curious to learn, to study more and to find new ways to include the many teachings of her Yoga practice into her daily life.

Over the years, the desire of learning more about the philosophy of Yoga became louder, so she was very happy when the opportunity came up, in 2017, to do her first 200 Hour Teacher Training with Peter Clifford and to be learning more about Anahata Yoga, a philosophy she had never heard about before. But following her heart, she knew that this what the right thing to do.

One year after her first training, she was offered to do an apprenticeship with Peter, and once again, not thinking about it twice, she followed her heart and embarked on this exciting, yet challenging journey with him. She feels very honoured to have been studying, learning, teaching and working together with him since then.

At the same time, also discovering her own unique ways of sharing the philosophy of Anahata Yoga, bringing it closer to people, helping and supporting them on their journey of discovery and growth, always remembering the words of teacher: “If we manage to open up just one heart every time we give a class, host a retreat, a workshop or a training, then we’ve done a pretty good job!”

She truly believes that Yoga is not something that we do but it’s a way of living, a way of helping you to create a more free and joyous life. Caroline is very graceful, compassionate, sensitive, yet strong and works very intuitively with her students.

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December 4
December 16


The Sanctuary Thailand
Haad Tien Beach
Ko Pha-ngan District,, Surat Thani 84280 Thailand

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