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"Embark on a journey to enhance your wellbeing, cultivating a calm mind, balanced emotions, physical healing and spiritual harmony!"

Learn how to channel Universal energy for holistic healing. Trust your intuition, embrace your power, and establish your unique path as a lightworker.

Gain world-class certification in Reiki Level 1, uniting the physical and spiritual realms to catalyze transformative personal and spiritual growth.

What you can expect

This course is for those who feel a pull towards energy healing, deepening their spiritual connection or taking their meditation practice to the next level—whether you're naturally empathetic, intuitive, or feel a calling.

You're about to start a transformative path to become an energy healer, learning to support yourself on your own healing journey as well as those around you.

In this training you’ll learn the foundations of Reiki and benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained over 10 years of practice, to establish a robust healing framework that you can trust.

Learn to:

  • Feel energy
  • Channel Universal energy for healing
  • Cleanse & clear your aura
  • Energy protection
  • Balance, align & heal the Chakra system
  • Locate and release energy blocks (mental, emotional, physical)
  • Learn about the Chakras & where your strengths and weaknesses lay
  • Learn to do a full healing session for self & others (friends and fam)
  • Balance emotions
  • Receive Reiki Level 1 Attunement

This Course is for you if …

  • You often feel overwhelmed and emotionally overloaded, and want more emotional balance in your life
  • You’re tired of absorbing other people’s baggage, leaving you drained and depleted
  • You feel the call to deepen your wellbeing practice
  • You want to develop your intuition and Spiritual gifts, and bring these into your daily life
  • You want to learn tools for mental, emotional & physical wellbeing
  • You’ve been feeling stagnant for a while and are craving your next “growth spurt”


Morwenna is a passionate Healer & Hypnotherapist, who was initialed into the Reiki lineage by her mother. She will be teaching from 10 years experience as a healer. Her classes are a transformative experience that equips individuals with the tools to navigate both their inner landscape and the physical work with greater clarity, purpose and connection.

Course Details

2 days of Reiki Level 1 training

Dates :


6600 THB

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    July 17
    July 18
    6,600 THB

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