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Chi Nei Tsang is a unique and highly effective form of bodywork that acts directly on the abdomen, vital organs and their associated emotions. It’s an ancient art that was widely practiced in China – especially in remote areas where doctors were rare. Hugely empowering, it can be used for the healing and health maintenance of both the self and others.

Using a blend of Thai and Chinese massage framed by Taoist philosophy, you will learn effective hands on techniques

Part of Luke’s Chi Nei Tsang I&II combine Training:

  • Explore the basic understanding of the Abdominal Nervous System
  • Basic understanding of the Abdominal Lymphatic System And Gastrointestinal
  • Learning Basic Techniques, Acupressure Point & Eliminate Point
  • Explore the Technique, Pressure and Treatments for Fluids Flushes and Elimination
  • Gain tools and understanding for treatment and balancing over all gastrointestinal health

One class maximum 4 person

HOURS: Approx 10 Hours over 2 Days

Investment: 20,000 Thai Baht

*Pre-Requisite: General understanding of Thai massage principle are required to participate in this training

About the Facilitator:


Luke is from Chiang Mai, North of Thailand which has its long tradition of healing from Lanna Empire.Luke has direct lineage of holistic health from Kru Ni at Tao Garden. He has 12 years of experience in teaching Thai massage therapy, Chi nei Tsang and Tapping at many clinics and massage center in Chiang Mai and many other countries such as Sri Lanka, Japan.

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