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  • Release the effects of the past and embody the present

  • Awaken feelings of freedom, peace, stability, empowerment, bliss, joy and love

  • Cultivate take home self-care practices to enhance daily life and long-term health

  • Gain an understanding of the body’s inner languages through meditation and mindfulness

  • Expand your emotional and physical resilience and maintain equilibrium

  • Build a deep love for self that can be shared with others in a healthy way

  • Have fun and let yourself play

Dancing Alchemy

Explore, activate and develop the 5 senses with Presence Practices, Dance, Breathwork, Meditations, Qigong, Herbal Wisdom, Ceremony and Vision Quest.

Access a world of vivid colour, sounds, tastes,  sensations and touch.  Inhabit you body. Develop your natural instincts.

Live a life that feels supported, effortless and magical. Access the space to live your dream; catch the divine flow of life by soaring on a thermal of effortlessness. You’re at the right place at the right time with the right people. Everything comes to you easily; you just know where to be and when. Develop your intuition and learn to listen to your inner wisdom.

Run over 5 days, each day draws inspiration from one of the five great elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Here we go deep into the practices aligned with the qualities of these energies.

After maintaining a holiday lifestyle and dancing in the mundane world for over 20 years, I am now ready to share my secrets to effortless happiness and abundance.

This is a one week embodiment retreat, and is also the first week of the Cacao Ceremony and 5 Element Dance Teacher Training/Breath Medicine Facilitation Training Module.

To love is to dance and to dance is to love.​

HOURS: Approx 35 Hours over 5 Days


Early Bird 13,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

Full Price 15,00 Thai Baht (Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

About the Facilitator:

Daisy Kaye

A Lifetime of Knowledge and Practice

Daisy Kaye, Founder of Breath Medicine is a Breathwork Facilitator, Universal Tao Instructor, Body Worker, Herbalist and founder of Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance. Daisy is an advocate for maintaining a holiday lifestyle and has facilitated sacred space, taught and practiced globally for over 25 years.

Daisy’s mission is to bring health, wealth, happiness, self-love, abundance and playfulness into people’s lives.  Her methods stem from ancient Taoist and Tantric Philosophies; creating harmony through integration and personal responsibility of mind, body and spirit.


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