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Guided Detox Retreat: Fasting with yoga in the sunny south of Spain

Re-set your life with a supported fast and detox with colon cleansing for removing toxins and losing weight while immersing in yoga, meditation, relaxation and nature. Artistic villa with pool, views and gardens near Malaga, just 20 mins from the beach and the airport for convenient travel.

We have decades of experience in guiding you through a detox and nutritionally supported fast to make this incredible healing journey easy for you to accomplish. Our program safely removes toxins out of the body by using binders and  herbs. After fasting for just 3 days, the stem cells are activated in the body to repair all types of problems from joint pain to chronic illness and the results are really spectacular.

Offering you an all inclusive detox program with psyllium/clay detox shakes, cleansing herbs, organic green juices, coffee colonics, daily support and guidance together with yoga, meditation, health and nutrition classes, sauna and massage sessions. Incorporate daily health routines such as tongue scraping, oil pulling, sinus cleansing, and skin brushing.

You have the option to do a full fasting cleanse with detox shakes and green juices or a gentle cleanse with the shakes and juices plus one simple nutritious salad a day and coffee implants rather than colonics, moving between these options as you wish, giving more support for those longer detoxes.

Our retreat offers you:

  • A personal detox consultation on arrival to determine your individual plan for the week
  • Daily morning Yoga class
  • Daily group and individual check-ins and support
  • Classes on detox, health, nutrition, breath, self belly massage etc on alternate afternoons
  • Daily evening meditation
  • Two private healing sessions ( per week ) : your choice of  – full body massage, neck and shoulder massage, foot massage, abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang), craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, problem area massage/healing sessions, energy healings of Reiki and Tibetan Pulsing and private yoga alignment ( additional sessions available as an extra)
  • Detox shakes of psyllium and clay, cleansing herbs & supplements
  • 2  organic green juices per day and unlimited teas, turmeric drinks and lemon water
  • Evening nutritional broth (organic) with optional additions such as miso, moringa, spirulina etc
  • Daily colonics with organic coffee
  • Daily steam sauna tent option
  • Optional arrival and parting cleanse meals
  • Options to focus on cleansing  parasites, candida, heavy metals, lymphatics or the liver with extra option for a liver flush with supplements, herbs and essential oils
  • Full post cleanse guidance and support package to take with you
  • Accommodation in private room with shared bathroom (shared rooms optional discount,and private ensuite bathrooms optional extras )

Limited number of places are available to ensure you receive the individual care and attention you need for your amazing transformational journey

Your guide on this journey is:

You will be guided by Catherine Heartwood, a certified HCF detox specialist with over 15 years experience in the field of fasting and detox. You will receive an individual intake session in which your program will be tailored to suit your individual needs, along with daily group and individual check-ins, and a private health consultation  session before leaving, to encourage a new healthy life-style.

Your investment (Prices inclusive of VAT 21%)

4350 euros for a full 21 day retreat
3950 euros for 18 day retreat
3230 euros for 14 day retreat
2450 euros for 10 days retreat
1850 euros for a 7 day detox
1400 euros for a 5 days retreat
950 euros for a 3 days retreat

Accommodation optional choise:

Private room with ensuite bathroom 20 euro extra per night
Shared twin room with shared bathroom 25 euros discount per night
Double booking sharing double room 50 euros discount per night for 2nd person

Private colonic board in your private bathroom 100 euro extra per booking

Special Offering – Book before September 12th and receive an early bird bonus of an extra private session per week of your booking.


Just 25 minutes from the Malaga airport for easy travel
35 minutes from the beautiful beach of Alamos & 40 minutes to the Malaga beach
The retreat is situated in privacy with walks around, just outside the beautiful Moroccan style ‘white village’ of Almogia

Why is our Cleanse program superior to others available to you?

Cleansing the body in this modern toxic world requires a lot of support to be done safely and effectively. You will be surprised how, with our program, you do not feel hungry, and after the first 3 days you will be so full of energy you will be delighted you can do things you haven’t done for years. Weight will start shifting noticeably around the 9th day for women and more immediately for men and it’s common for men to lose a kilo a day around the mid center.

We use psyllium and clay to absorb both the micro and macro toxins stuck in the body, herbs to loosen debris in the gut and to remove toxins in deeper tissues, and nutritional support to allow the body to do its own natural repairs. We provide you fully serviced colonics on colonic boards with a full 15-20 liters of organic coffee solution to provide a full washing of the colon compared to other detoxes where you have to do your own enema on the bathroom floor on only 2 liters of water. These coffee colonics flood the body with antioxidants, super stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. We provide vitamin C, essential oils and herbs to supercharge the cellular detox and cleanse the lymphatics, NAC to cleanse the liver and individualised herbal support for your individual needs, adjusted as necessary throughout the program. The daily sauna allows you to sweat out toxins and the massages allow you to not only relax but also moves toxins out of the system and specifically the intestines with the chi-nei-tsang massage.

We assure you that we have one of the best programs to safely and effectively remove toxins, lose weight and rejuvenate, and giving you the tools and education necessary to reset your life so you can feel this good in everyday life.

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