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11th – 17th November 2023

Ready for a transformative journey to connect deeply with your heart and create a life that is deeply satisfying? 

This 7-day yoga retreat focuses on optimizing your Chakras with the support of the sacred powers of Cacao. This immersion is designed to help you have profound insights, open your heart and elevate your consciousness.  

Each day we dive deep into one of your 7 Chakras (energy centers) to illuminate the interconnectedness of your physical and energetic self. We will use Yoga, Cacao and various energy tools to elevate your entire being. Through powerful self-reflective questions on your different life-areas you will access important realizations and breakthroughs.  

Through daily Ceremonial Cacao sessions, we will awaken your inner wisdom. Cacao, a true heart-opener, is a sacred plant used for thousands of years for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. Combined with individual intentions, the spirit of Cacao serves as a gentle but powerful guide to unlock your divine callings and deeper truths. 

Within this nurturing, sacred space, you can truly be yourself, share freely and connect deeply with Mama Cacao as well as like-minded souls from around the globe.  

This is more than a yoga retreat; it’s an empowering opportunity to gain clarity on your heart’s desires, learn powerful transformational tools, and become an active co-creator of your desired reality.  

Discover the wisdom and magic within you and start manifesting your best life! 

About Johanna:

Johanna is a passionate and gentle yoga teacher and cacao ceremony facilitator. She loves to create transformative spaces by combining different healing modalities and energy work to help you experience well-being and bliss both physically and spiritually.  

Johanna is currently based in Bali. She was trained in India for Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga in 2016 and has taught yoga in 8 countries all across the globe, helping her students to unwind, relax and shift their mindset. 

She studied ancient cacao wisdom in Guatemala, and it is her mission to connect you to your heart with this plant medicine. Through her unique cacao & yoga classes she creates a gentle and powerful experience in which one can touch magic beyond comprehension. 

Johanna loves dancing, deep talks and gets excited about the cosmic energies of our planet(s). She is an open-hearted wisdom seeker and loves to connect with people from all over the world. 


  • Daily Ceremonial Cacao Activations (for opening the heart space, optional) 
  •  1-2 Yoga sessions per day (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra) 
  •  Deep dive into one Chakra per day (awareness on all areas of your life) 
  •  Accommodation at The Sanctuary (located on a tropical beach) 
  •  2 Healthy and Delicious Meals per day (vegan & gluten-free options) 
  •  Filtered Drinking Water (unlimited) 
  •  Boat Transportation (to and from the retreat center) 
  •  Private Yoga Shala (with Mats, Props, Private Toilet, Fans and Mosquito Screens) 
  •  Breathwork and Somatic Release (to release stored trauma from your system) 
  •  Dance and Embodiment Practices (feel free, get out of the head, into the body) 
  •  Meditations and Pranayama (for inner balance and deep relaxation) 
  •  Sound Activation (to infuse your system with healing vibrations) 
  •  Visualizations and Intention Setting (to manifest your dream life) 
  •  Fascinating Talks and Workshops (from Cacao Wisdom to Quantum Physics) 
  •  Beach Adventure to neighboring bays (magical bays with quartz frequency) 
  •  New Moon Ceremony (for powerful new intentions) 
  •  Star Shower Night (wishes upon shooting stars, if there is a clear sky) 
  •  Community Sharing Circles (to express and learn from each other) 
  •  Journaling and Self-Reflection (for clarity and integration) 
  •  Free Time (for relaxation, beach time, swimming, treatments and deep talks) 


Book Now:

Regular Price: 977 €Early Bird Price: 777 € (only until 30th September 2023)Room upgrades and additional nights are possible, depending on availability – please get in touch with Johanna as soon as possible to secure your best option!

For all initial enquiries please contact:



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