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A soulful, bliss filled journey especially for women.

In this special yoga retreat you’ll be helped to uncover your gifts as a woman and come into harmony and balance with the different aspects of your feminine self. Experience the sacred energy of Saraswati with all of her creativity and wisdom, or the beauty of goddess Lakshmi with her wonderful mental strenghth. Meet the fearless Kali, the goddess for transformation, or the beloved mother Parvati. There are many goddesses to discover that will help you to enliven and enrich your inner world.

Our mindful exploration of the sacred feminine will be guided by yoga and meditation classes which will help you to discover your true self.

Your day will begin with dynamic Hatha Flow yoga and end with restorative yoga in the evenings to nurture you. Each session will be inspired by the different goddesses of Indian mythology, with each giving you room for personal growth and expansion.

Join the Goddess Yoga Retreat and enjoy moments full of relexation, bliss and spiritual development.

The retreat will be given in German.

About Jeanette

Jeanette is a wholehearted yoga teacher who runs her bright, charismatic studio Ganesha Yoga Lounge in Germany with love. She found her yoga home in Hatha Flow and yoga therapy, and leads her classes from a space of grounded awareness, sensitivity and service. Her varied yoga classes are characterised by her international experience and her love of individuality. Within them she continuously focuses on the needs of the unique person before her and how she can best use yoga as a tool to guide that person to a deeper place within themselves.

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