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A transformative 3-day Breathwork and Movement Intensive Retreat at the Sanctuary Thailand

In the undisturbed embrace of The Sanctuary, this retreat unfolds as a journey, not just of discovery, but of profound emotional awakening and personal rebirth.

Step into a retreat where you'll be gently guided through a variety of life-changing Breathwork practices. Experience altered states of consciousness during Holotropic Breathwork, find renewal in Rebirthing Breathwork in water, explore the depths of your spirit with Shamanic Breathwork, and awaken new energies with Tetra Breath. Alongside these, discover the beauty of vulnerability and presence during Bio-Development (Tantra foundational practices), the energising flow of Osho active meditations, and the calming influence of still meditations, all blended together to create a deeply personal journey towards inner clarity and peace.

Each practice is carefully selected to help you release deep-seated emotional blockages, reconnect with your inner self, and experience profound inner transformation. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Koh Phangan, this retreat is your opportunity to embark on a path of healing, self-awareness, and personal growth.

About the Facilitator:

Zivile started her Breathwork journey 5 years ago, following the loss of her mother. At that time, she was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. She was struggling to fit into “normal” life and feel the happiness and joy of living. Zivile has then discovered Breathwork and other self development practices, that helped her to reconnect with herself and discover the true happiness and purpose of life.

Zivile has since changed her life path completely and left 11 years of life and career back in London and moved to Koh Phangan to teach Breathwork and help others to reconnect with themselves and find their own purpose.

Her gentle encouragement to let go of performance-driven and goal oriented mindsets creates an atmosphere of acceptance and self-love. She has also been sharing these amazing practices in Dominican Republic, Dubai and Lithuania.

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1:

  • Morning: Introduction to the retreat with a gentle group sharing circle to set intentions.
  • Mid Morning: Shamanic Breathwork – a session to connect with one's inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.
  • Early Afternoon: Bio-Development Practice – a session combining movement, music, and connection to ground participants and prepare them for the journey ahead.
  • Afternoon: Holotropic Breathwork session – a powerful practice for accessing altered states of consciousness and promoting deep emotional healing.
  • Evening: Still meditation, to integrate deep emotional experiences. Followed by a group sharing circle to reflect and process the day's experiences.

Day 2:

  • Early Morning: Osho Dynamic Meditation – an active meditation to invigorate and energize the body and mind.
  • Mid-Morning: Rebirthing Breathwork in water, focusing on personal transformation and emotional liberation.
  • Afternoon: Bio-Development Practice – a continuation of the morning's work, focusing on deeper exploration of movement and connection.
  • Evening: Active / Still meditation practice for introspection and grounding / Breathwork practice. This will be followed by a nurturing sharing circle to discuss and integrate the day’s insights and experiences.

Day 3:

  • Early Morning: Osho Dynamic Meditation to awaken and energize the body.
  • Mid-Morning: Tetra Awakening Breath, focusing on personal transformation, emotional liberation and self love.
  • Afternoon: Bio-Development Practice - final practice focusing on divine connection and love.
  • Evening: Closing ceremony with a final sharing circle to reflect on the retreat's journey and discuss integrating the experiences into daily life.

As the final day of 'Inhale Life retreat’ dawns, you'll realize that what you've gained here is more than just a momentary retreat experience. It's an awakening, a rekindling of joy, peace and love, that you carry back into your world. This isn't just about those three transformative days in the serene haven of Koh Phangan; it's about a shift that continues to resonate in your heart and mind.

This retreat marks the beginning of a beautiful journey towards a more authentic self. The skills and self-awareness you develop here are yours, evolving with you as you navigate the complexities of life. This retreat is a heartfelt invitation to a life lived with greater clarity, passion, and presence.

Workshop Price:

Price - 9,900Thai Baht. (This does not include accommodation)

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