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Karma Healing Professional Training

Access your soul history and Become a Fully Qualified Past Life Therapist

Regression therapy is a powerful technique for self-discovery and healing as it allows us to remember the perceptions and feelings caused by past events. It can also be defined as a spiritual psychology practice as it touches all the aspects of the self. Through hypnosis you will learn to guide people into a state of Theta Brain Waves; where we can access all blockages, heal, and reprogram the subconscious and unconscious mind in a way that the client feels safe and truly transformed

The body stores memories at a cellular level, which can manifest as fear, sadness, resentment, grief, anxiety, jealousy ,  frustration, depression, confusion and so on.  Exploring different aspects of the mind and different states of consciousness, we can go back as far as we need to find the origin of pain, fear or trauma. Once the root of the pain and suffering has been identified, you will learn to work with different healing modalities such as  Primal Healing,  Pulsation, Gestalt, Family Constellation, NLP, Color Therapy, trauma release, Theta Healing and shamanic practices.

Past lives can affect our current life in every imaginable manner, from physical to emotional behavior. Regression into past memory opens the curtain on specific important scenes and events that we have lived in different times and places, providing an opportunity to unlock emotions, thoughts and energetic blocks. Uncovering the details of past lives allows the possibility to discover unhealthy patterns and roles we are playing in this life. It can also give us profound insights about life and death that allow us to live our full human potential and to discover the multidimensional quality of our beings. This allows our body, mind and spirit to be in harmony and function from a lighter, more elevated perspective.

This is a highly experiential course , by continuous practice you will go through your own healing and learn how to guide others to access and heal their soul history. 


  • To create a safe environment for your client.
  • To guide people in and out of trance safely.
  • How to help people finding the origin of their suffering.
  • Emotional body mapping.
  • Treat fobias, fear, anxiety, and chronic health issues.
  • Heal and release deep traumas through breath work. 
  • Primal healing. ( childhood traumas )
  • Harmonizing family systems. 
  • Healing relationships.
  • Re connection and healing with people that has passed away.
  • Birth difficulties or traumas that originated in the womb. Including  abortions.
  • Neuro reprogramming
  • How to guide people through the experience of death.
  • Moving form one life to another one.
  • Exploring past lives.  
  • Healing karma.
  • The art of therapy.
  • How to contain and solve unexpected reactions or difficulties during the sessions.
  • Shamanic body cleanse and protection.
  • How to clean and protect your self as a therapist

By the end of this training you will be able to guide a full 90 minute session with absolute confidence. No previous experience needed.

Schedule :   

9-12  morning session 

12-3 beach / lunch time 

3 – 6 afternoon sessions..

Hours : 30 hr over 5 days

Investment : 499 EUR (accommodation is not included)

About Facilitator:

Ushma Prem

Ushma has over 25 years of experience in the path of meditation,  healing and self enquiry.  She specializes in guiding people through profound transformation and insightful spiritual journeys, helping others  to heal  emotional wounds ,  clear their  karma, let go of old pain , fear and unhealthy system beliefs which are the obstacles to be open to love, live in freedom and with  confidence.

More  about Ushma www.ushmaprem.com


I am graduated in Hypnosis and I was surprise how effective was this one shot session. I highly recommend Ushma.

Olivier, Lyon, France

As both a healer and a teacher her presence, heart and clarity is apparent in everything she offers… she makes a space to heal, learn, integrate and grow Melody, New York

Melody New York, New York

I genuinely have never learned so much from one person in my life.

You are an extremely loving, powerful, intelligent and compassionate soul who has helped me dissolve hard layers around my heart.

You remind me that I belong on this Earth. Thank you so much. Your love expands very very far ushma.

Holly, USA

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