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Welcome to our Paradise Spirit – 5 Day Retreat

In this 5 Day Retreat we will dive deeply into your path of soul growth. With different unique tools like Yoga, Ritual, Breath, Meditation and Human Design, you will learn how to raise your self-awareness by looking into the oneness of your body, mind and soul.

Most traditions believe that the essence of everything is energy, including you. To understand our own unique energy, we need to find the time and space to reconnect to our own essence. With this retreat we provide a very special space to reconnect with our own selves, our personal energy and eventually our source. In five days, we offer a full range of spiritual tools to enhance this reconnection.

Everything we offer during the Paradise Spirit Workshop brings the awareness into your body’s energy – your essential wisdom. To really understand who we are, we have to be aware of who we are not.

On our first evening, we start with a fire ceremony and journaling, to let go of the old energy, old thinking patterns and habits that no longer serve our Essential energy and get us started on our journey.

Each day to get us in the flow we will start with pranayama, meditation and journaling followed by breakfast and our morning flow yoga practice.

In the afternoons we will explore various healing modalities to deepen our journey back to our true selves.

All of these tools will enhance the alchemizing of your body, mind and soul in order to fully step on your path of spiritual alignment.

Summary of what’s included:

  • Daily Meditation for insight and peace.
  • Regular Pranayama for vitality and energy life force.
  • Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga classes for establishing yourself back into your body and unblock your channels.
  • Spiritual Alignment provides different tools to enhance your unique energy like astrology, human design system, and trigger teaching.
  • Human Design is to understand what type of energy you have in this life and how your energy wants to flow.
  • Fire Rituals will encourage transformation and help you to connect to your essence.
  • Journaling for self-insight.
  • Cacao Ceremony and Five Elements Dance concludes the workshop with ritual, joy and release.
  • Delicious daily Breakfast at the beachside restaurant

On your leisure time you can enhance your journey by having releasing massages and luscious treatments from The Sanctuary Spa, as well as delicious healthy meals from our restaurant.

Retreat Package Price: 12,500 thb

(not including accommodation)

About the Teachers:

Nina Olah:

Nina was born a clairvoyant. Along her lifelong journey she has become acquainted with many different techniques and tools to be able to make her personal gift, a gift for everyone’s well-being. She is working as a yoga teacher and shaman to support her students to consciously bring them into the present moment in order to follow the path they were born for.

Randall O’Leary:

Randall has been a dedicated explorer of Yoga since 1991. Alongside his studies of classical Hatha Yoga, Randall has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Jivamukti and Vini yoga.

Randall began teaching in 1995 and began the Jungle Yoga Teacher Training School which delivered 200 Hour & 300 Hour Teacher Trainings for over 10 years, merging into the Swara Yoga Academy in 2018.

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    January 29, 2024
    February 2, 2024


    Nina Olah
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