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Reiki Level 2 Attunement – Expand in Love

Reiki Level 2 Attunement will provide you with the tools and techniques for Self Love and Healing, bringing in focus on how to continue to create harmony and balance in your life, and the lives of others.

Once you have learnt the importance of healing yourself in Reiki Level 1, you will have  much more to give, and will then discover how to use Reiki healing energy to heal others in the most effective way.

By working with Reiki’s symbol Cho Ku Rei, you will work with power, protection and infinity. Sei He Ki will teach your balance, peace and harmony and finally, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen will support you in Reiki distance healing for people and situations.

Reiki Level 2 is a truly magical experience which will provide you with the deepest knowledge of the symbols and method yet it is magically personalised with wonderful DeepSoundExperience and Rituals where you will embody your true purpose and learn how to conquer your own life.

With Reiki Level 2 you will master your own life. By living with Reiki’s Love, Wisdom and benefits moment by moment, Reiki healing practised daily will enhance your life and all others you work with.

HOURS: Approx 14 Hours over 2 days


2 days Reiki Attunement Level 2 for 5,200 Thai Baht

Full Experience Reiki Level 1 & 2 for 4,800 Thai Baht each

Full Experience Self Love, Master Your Life Training with Reiki Attunement 7 days Retreat for 13,500 Thai Baht

Includes Sound Bath Journey everyday

(Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

About the Facilitator:


Ania has over 11 years of experience as a Healer; throughout her journey she studied and gained the wisdom of various techniques such as Sound Therapies, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis Therapy, Medicine Movement and Breathwork which she then incorporated into her own original style of healing.

Ania’s domain is working with the subconscious mind creating experiential journeys using Sound, Chanting, Hypnosis and Energy work. Furthermore she uses Rituals, Ceremonies, Tantric Massage and Movement Medicine to bring a physical aspect to the healing processes.

Ania is a Reiki Master and Attunes others to connect with source energy on each individual level and uses Energy Healing to align her clients to the vibrations of health and abundance.

​In her teaching she is sharing tools and practices to consciously create reality, through the Power of now, Rituals, Fun, Reclaiming Sovereignty, Manifesting Love, abundance and Prosperity.


I had the pleasure and privilege of experiencing Attunements of Reiki levels 1 and 2 with Ania. I had an idea of the courses provided by other practitioners already and I was very excited to find out, the course that Ania offers is so much more than just the Reiki training. I’ve attended both group and individual sessions and immensely enjoyed both.

The whole time was a perfect mix of enlightening conversations and Ceremonies, which allowed me to feel like I am stepping into the knowledge of the Sacred Wisdom. The space that Ania creates is filled with so much passion and energy, and the way she channels the divine energies is something truly magical. I have also learned so much through the stories she has shared from her own experiences during the course and through being able to ask for her guidance when I was sharing my own stories with her.

Ania’s teachings go beyond healing and touch the subjects of the power of now and our emotions, how important are the relations we hold with ourselves and other people. She always allowed me to find gratitude and joy in those parts of life I have been struggling with and the time we spend together allowed me not only to make ways for changes where I needed them but to also find peace within myself when I deal with every day issues.

During the group course, Ania has been empowering and lifting the feminine energies that we were working with alongside reiki. She has shown us how to make everyday life a celebration and a ceremony. We were all creating magic with Ania’s guidance and could experience healing not only from her but from each other as she has provided the space for connecting with our higher selves and work in a sisterhood, a connection so much needed in today’s fast paced lives.

She has truly ignited my thirst for knowledge of energy healing and I want to continue this journey through her teachings.” – Aneta, London

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