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Reiki Attunement Level 1 – Peace and Self Love

​Reiki Level 1 will take you on a journey where the  magical healing energy will guide you as you come back to your heart, appreciating all that you are by learning how to fully love and heal yourself.

By immersing yourself in the knowledge and wisdom of Reiki healing, you will discover the most beautiful tools on how to truly live a life in harmony and balance, by putting yourself first and creating the best life you could ever imagine.

Through use of Ancient Rituals, Dance, Meditation, Chakra balancing, Self Awareness and Presence, you will learn how to work with Reiki energy to support your path in finding peace and harmony within yourself, as well as being able to experience the healing benefits and work with it thereafter in your life.

HOURS: Approx 14 Hours over 2 days


2 days Reiki Attunement Level 1 for 5,200 Thai Baht

Full Experience Reiki Level 1 & 2 for 4,800 Thai Baht each

Full Experience Self Love, Master Your Life Training with Reiki Attunement 7 days Retreat for 13,500 Thai Baht

Includes Sound Bath Journey everyday

(Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

About the Facilitator:

Ania has over 11 years of experience as a Healer; throughout her journey she studied and gained the wisdom of various techniques such as Sound Therapies, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis Therapy, Medicine Movement and Breathwork which she then incorporated into her own original style of healing.

Ania’s domain is working with the subconscious mind creating experiential journeys using Sound, Chanting, Hypnosis and Energy work. Furthermore she uses Rituals, Ceremonies, Tantric Massage and Movement Medicine to bring a physical aspect to the healing processes.

Ania is a Reiki Master and Attunes others to connect with source energy on each individual level and uses Energy Healing to align her clients to the vibrations of health and abundance.

​In her teaching she is sharing tools and practices to consciously create reality, through the Power of now, Rituals, Fun, Reclaiming Sovereignty, Manifesting Love, abundance and Prosperity.


I have been fortunate enough to do Reiki level one with Ania and I can honestly say, Ania has magic running through her which I have very rarely come across before and it’s a beautiful thing to be around and an honour to share with her.

Ania made me feel at ease the minute I stepped into her Goddess Sanctuary for my weekend retreat. We started with a beautiful opening ceremony and continued the weekend connecting with the five elements, meditation, music, laughter, tears and nourishing food. ​I wasn’t sure what to expect but I walked away from my weekend feeling uplifted and a positivity I had not felt in years, my aura had been cleansed and a euphoria washed over me.

I’m truly blessed I found Ania, she will always have a very special place in my soul and heart, needless to say I’m looking forward to doing my Reiki level 2 with her. Ania has a very special gift to share with the world, I would recommend Ania to anyone.” – Amy, London​


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