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Self Love and Mastering Your Life with Reiki Attunement Experience Retreat

Imagine leaving the stories of the past behind and stepping into a New Moment. The ever unfolding Moment of Now and the Power it provides Us in creating Our New Story through conscious design.

The Shamanic Sound EXPERIENCE is the foundation for the retreat. Through these specially crafted dream like journeys, You are aligned to and experience the emotions and vibrations that makes up the life You crave.

Imagine being inside Your DreamLIFE and knowing exactly what it feels like, bringing that with You into the present along with the knowledge of how to create that life now.

and other Journeys and Adventures….

Through Rituals, Ceremonies, Sacred Circles, Sound Therapy, Energy Work, Medicine Movement, Vision Quest and Laughter.

and it all begins with a foundation of Peace, Stillness and Deep Relaxation…


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Releasing and Healing the Past 1 day : 18th October

This day will be supported by a free-movement dance, to embody the sorrows of those stories to move through you and transform back into the Earth.

The Power of Now and Conscious Creation day 2 : 19th October

The second day will guide you into the Present Moment, and you will experience and learn in this moment, filled with new possibilities to create what is around you in reality.

DreamLife Vision and Celebration of Life day 3 : 20th October

Experience your innermost desires. We will celebrate and create a very clear, specific instructions for your subconscious mind through a Sacred Fire Ritual, a Powerful way to align to the life We know We can experience.

HOURS: Approx 21 Hours over 3 Days

You’re welcome to participate in any one or two days that resonate with you the most.

However, each day is support each others, we recommend to experience as a whole Self Love & Mastering Your Life with Reiki Attunement Experience


For Full Magical Experience 3 days, the price is 3,900 Thai Baht Or for 1,400 Thai Baht per day

Full Experience Self Love, Master Your Life Training with Reiki Attunement 7 days Retreat for 13,500 Thai Baht

(Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

About the Facilitator:

Ania has over 11 years of experience as a Healer; throughout her journey she studied and gained the wisdom of various techniques such as Sound Therapies, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis Therapy, Medicine Movement and Breathwork which she then incorporated into her own original style of healing.

Ania’s domain is working with the subconscious mind creating experiential journeys using Sound, Chanting, Hypnosis and Energy work. Furthermore she uses Rituals, Ceremonies, Tantric Massage and Movement Medicine to bring a physical aspect to the healing processes.

Ania is a Reiki Master and Attunes others to connect with source energy on each individual level and uses Energy Healing to align her clients to the vibrations of health and abundance.

​In her teaching she is sharing tools and practices to consciously create reality, through the Power of now, Rituals, Fun, Reclaiming Sovereignty, Manifesting Love, abundance and Prosperity.


“Experiencing the Self-Love Workshop was the beginning of My Spiritual Awakening!” Natalie, London

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