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The island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, is a magical place. Many have traveled here to unlearn the conditioning of the world and come back home to themselves. This yoga and ecstatic dance retreat offers a journey inward, together, in paradise! Our theme is the Sacred Self. Throughout our week together we will experience workshops and classes to reconnect, revitalize and redefine the self. 
Combining the daily, intentional movement practices, with the incredibly beautiful surroundings, nourishing food and loving community, this is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience!

This course is for you if:

  • You desire a fresh perspective and renewed relationship to Self

  • You are willing to unlearn through meditation, yoga and dance

  • You need some rest in paradise

  • You are craving fresh, nourishing food and coconuts

Included in your adventure:

  • Speedboat to Island from Airport

  • Your Choice of Bungalow

  • Daily Breakfast

  • Fresh Juice and Coconuts

  • Daily Intuitive Mvmt Yoga & Ecstatic Dance

  • Yin Yoga

  • Face Reading Workshop

  • Kirtan

  • Cacao Ceremony & 5 Elements Dance

  • Solo/Rest Time

  • 2 Massages

Explore our workshops:

Intuitive Mvmt & Yin Yoga: Our daily movement practices will vary between Yoga and Ecstatic Dance. Intuitive Mvmt is a practice that creates space for you to become a master of your own inner landscape. We use Somatic Activated Healing tools like mantra, breathwork and movement to grow empowered in our own skin. Yin Yoga is a slow and meditative practice, meant to nourish the structural pieces of the body – your joints/ligaments/tendons. Adding Yin Yoga to your practice increases full body awareness and creates a holistic practice that cares for your body inside and out.

Face Reading: Face Reading serves as a meaningful way to better understand ourselves. Each line, each freckle, each attribute of the face tells a compelling story. This workshop will be led by a master face reader who will help us explore the depth of our character.

Cacao Ceremony & 5 Elements Dance: Cacao opens the heart and increases unconditional self love. 5 Elements Dance is a ecstatic dance practice, using the wisdom of each element to inspire the movement. Combining these two healing tools allows for radical self inquiry – losing yourself and finding yourself on the dance floor!

Kirtan: A Kirtan is a call and response style of chanting. The live music, the mantra and breath are a wonderful way to calm the nervous system and deepen the connection to Self.

Your week will look something like this: 

  • Daily Morning Practice
  • Daily Breakfast with Our Community
  • Afternoon Workshop
  • Rest/Explore the island/Solo Time
  • Daily Evening Practice
  • Specialty workshops every other night

Your guides:

Brittany Russell, of Intuitive Mvmt, will be your lead guide for the week. Brittany has been teaching and studying somatic healing methods for the past decade. She has come to The Sanctuary for deep self study of her own since 2016. Her first time on the island she had just overcome an illness and came to this place sick, scattered and grieving. She was inspired and guided by the incredible teachings of 5 Elements Wisdom Academy and Swara Academy, who have had a home at The Sanctuary for many years. This island and its wisdom, has held her, nourished her and challenged her in a variety of ways. For Brittany, Koh Phangan is not just a venue or a destination for this retreat, it is a vital piece of the experience. When you arrive, you’ll feel it. Brittany is elated to bring others to explore the magic of this place and the somatic healing practices that have helped her along her journey.

Marcela Mota and Tobias Tang, of 5 Elements Wisdom Academy, will offer their vast knowledge of Yin Yoga and Face Reading. These two are truly living their authentic dharma and we have much to learn from their presence. Their teachings have inspired hundreds of students. Their vulnerability, patience and real life application of what they teach makes them a dynamic duo who will surely blow you away with their guest teachings!


This retreat ranges from $2,900 to $1,350 depending on your choice of room. Check out Brittany’s website for the sliding scale of prices and accommodation options: https://www.intuitivemvmt.com/thailand-yoga-retreat-2024


March 3, 2024
March 10, 2024

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