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Part of Daisy Kayes School of Breathe Medicine, this module explores:

  • Gain Tools to diagnose and understand emotional body types and structures ​
  • Learn the 5 elements of touch
  • Support fascial fluidity and release techniques
  • Intro to Chinese belly/organ massage
  • Explore Compression Techniques to open expand and release

This is an exciting, healing and powerful journey of discovering the mysteries of being human. Become a detective and lovingly uncover stories that are held in body structures, breath and movement patterns.

This work shop is open and beneficial to anyone wanting to deepen there already existing breath work or massage practice, also seekers well on there way or beginning there journey into self enquiry and personal healing. Laugh you may but if you are in sales or any position working with other human beings, gaining these skills and understandings will help you connect more deeply, make more sales and develop healthier, safer relationships.

In these 3 days we learn to recognise physical and emotional signatures of stress, trauma, and survival patterns with body mapping. We will explore effective communication, bodywork techniques and applications to create suitable sessions to meet the receiver as an individual, assisting long-term restoration and inhibition of emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

We focus on fascial and joint-release, compression techniques, and the benefits of abdominal-massage and how it affects our overall physical structure and mental health.

Deeply explore the physical effects of trauma and stress on our body, nervous system and life. Learn how to recognise and meet them where and how they need to be met.

Quality of touch through 5 element understanding is also emphasised in this training. How to listen to another’s body, to sense both physically, energetically and emotionally. Cultivate how to touch with compassion and loving intention. As a bodywork practitioner of over 25 years; it is so important to me that no person physically touches another until they understand the honour of the opportunity and quality of touch, as well as having an understanding of the area they are about to work on. Part of the reason I started my own trainings is from feeling an integral obligation to be teaching students from a place of deep understanding and embodiment as I too often see physical exchange happen in workshops and trainings without sufficient information, energetic boundaries or anatomical knowledge.

HOURS: Approx 22 Hours over 3 Days


Early Bird 8,000 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

Full Price 9,000 Thai Baht (Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

Daisy Kaye

A Lifetime of Knowledge and Practice

Daisy Kaye, Founder of Breath Medicine is a Breathwork Facilitator, Universal Tao Instructor, Body Worker, Herbalist and founder of Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance. Daisy is an advocate for maintaining a holiday lifestyle and has facilitated sacred space, taught and practiced globally for over 25 years.

Daisy’s mission is to bring health, wealth, happiness, self-love, abundance and playfulness into people’s lives.  Her methods stem from ancient Taoist and Tantric Philosophies; creating harmony through integration and personal responsibility of mind, body and spirit.


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