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Part of Daisy Kayes School of Breathe Medicine, this module explores:

  • Forgive and truly live
  • Find freedom from fear and guilt
  • Meet yourself with compassionate loving kindness
  • Enjoy mental clarity, peace and contentment
  • Breath freely, sleep deeply

​This forgiveness process is designed to support true forgiveness of self and others. Feelings of betrayal, loss, fear, guilt, abandonment, disappointment and resentment that we experience throughout our lives easily translate into mental conditioning, beliefs, emotional response-mechanisms and physical/structural issues. This can have us feeling lonely, alone, isolated, unworthy and unloveable. These feelings are dangerous to our health and wellbeing. We are community creatures; we need connection, love and care to heal, love and live fully.

Come here to feel safe, heard, held and loved. I’ve got you… You are deserving, worthy and loveable!

Through deep, interpersonal and personal practices of connection, breath, self-enquiry, release rituals, movement, affirmation, forgiveness and self love practices; we will clear the way for mental calm, peaceful emotional equilibrium and bodily alignment.

Dissolve your armour, find your voice, speak your truth, give expression to what needs to be heard, seen and felt. Leave feeling lighter, safer, stronger and softer.

May there be peace where there’s been pain

Forgiveness where there’s been hurt

And a softening wheres there’s been a hardening

May we live, love and laugh.

HOURS: Approx 14 Hours over 2 days

INVESTMENT: Early Bird 5,500 Thai Baht (Signup at least 3 weeks prior to training)

Full Price 6,000 Thai Baht (Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

About the Facilitator:

Daisy Kaye

A Lifetime of Knowledge and Practice

Daisy Kaye, Founder of Breath Medicine is a Breathwork Facilitator, Universal Tao Instructor, Body Worker, Herbalist and founder of Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance. Daisy is an advocate for maintaining a holiday lifestyle and has facilitated sacred space, taught and practiced globally for over 25 years.

Daisy’s mission is to bring health, wealth, happiness, self-love, abundance and playfulness into people’s lives.  Her methods stem from ancient Taoist and Tantric Philosophies; creating harmony through integration and personal responsibility of mind, body and spirit.


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Accommodation Options:

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