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Self Rediscovery Retreat: 7 days, 7 chakras

Self Re-Discovery is an invitation to expand the horizons of self-awareness  in 7 days through the 7 chakras, by realigning with our energetic centres and reconnecting to the natural life force within us and around us.

Guided by our research on the principles of Energy & Physiology, we combine different modalities under the guidance of our amazing facilitators to explore the curious relationship between body, mind, higher self  and how they relate to the manifestation of the reality of our day to day lives.

Join us in reclaiming the intelligence of our higher self as we journey through the seven chakras starting from our Root on our first day up to our Crown on our last. Each day, we will learn how to identify, release and activate each energy center in the body through Yin/Yang & Anahata Yoga, 7 Chakra energy work, Reiki, Breathwork Medicine, Guided Visual Meditations, 5 elements Dance, Cacao Ceremony and Somatic Group exercises to understand how to embody our innate wisdom to lead a more balanced, abundant and empowered life.

For full itinerary, more information and reservations please visit:

7 Days 7 Chakras self-rediscovery

About Facilitators:

Farah Aljundi

She is the founder of La Luna Experiences and is a wellness coach, yoga instructor, herbalist, designer and moon lover who has been teaching for over 10 years in the Middle East, Central America and Europe. She is an eternal student and a 500hour+ trained teacher in Hatha, Ashtanga and Integrative Yoga.

She aims to educate rather than instruct and believes that a mindful connection to mind, body, spirit, science and nature is the ultimate path to wellness.


Jonny Rose

He is a 700 hour yoga alliance certified teacher and is part of the core instructor team at The Sanctuary Thailand, where he’s been teaching since 2014

Daisy Kaye

is the Founder of Breath Medicine and is a Breathwork Facilitator, Universal Tao Instructor, Body Worker, Herbalist and founder of Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance.


Fiona Soma

is specialises in Somatic Health, with a focus on sexuality and relationships. a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Global Certification Trainer



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