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Song of the Womb

An invitation for women to enter the Temple of the Feminine Mysteries and take a pilgrimage into the Womb Medicine Wheel.

Working with voice , embodied ritual , somatic practices and mythical archetype, we will journey through the Grail Gates of the Womb to activate our primordial feminine power . As we re-imprint the cellular memory of the womb , so we reclaim our voice , our creativity and our pristine innocence .
Dropping our awareness into the gravitational force of Mother Earth , inviting her fertility, abundance and support , not only do we enter a deep sense of relaxation and nurturance , but we activate a symbiotic relationship with Gaia , so needed in these times.

This half day workshop will include group singing, sound healing and movement as well as a guided shamanic journey into the womb where we will bring our loving awareness , breath and sound to awaken the 8 Grail Gates and come home to ourselves .

“Womb Awakening is an embodied feminine spirituality, which includes the masculine. It draws from worldwide ancient shamanic and spiritual traditions, which honoured the feminine and her creative powers, and weaves them with modern scientific and healing wisdom, to create a path of transformation.
Healing from our feminine wisdom centre- the Womb in woman, and the Hara in man- opens the sacred doorway for us to reclaim our primordial feminine creative power. This remembrance births a pristine state of embodied consciousness, that honours life and awakens the frequency of sacred union” Dr Azra & Seren Bertrand- Fountain of Life


  • Deepening your relationship with yourself
  • Connecting with your sensuality and creative power
  • Melting into the softness of the feminine dimension
  • ︎ Reconnecting with your Heart-Womb and Voice
  • ︎ Releasing the old and reimprinting cellular memory
    * Deepen your connection with Mother Earth
    * Connecting with sisterhood


4 hours journey from 12.30 – 17.30 pm


1,200 Thai baht (accommodation and meal are not included)

About the Facilitator:


Nalini is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter , sound healer , ceremonialist and workshop facilitator . Over the last 20 years , she has pilgrimaged to sacred sites around the world , studying with indigenous wisdom keepers and song carriers . From the Amazon Jungle to the High Andes to the temples of Egypt , Greece , India and Central America , Nalini weaves ancient threads into a unique tapestry of song , invocation and ceremony . Her voice has been described as ‘an ancient and powerful transmission’, transporting listeners through the veils into timeless realms ; her songs are deep prayers of praise and longing .
Following a near death experience in Mexico in 2004 , Nalini realised her vocation as a guardian of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and her voice as a tool for healing . Soon after , received songs for her ‘Magdalene Flame ‘ album and went on to co- create the band ‘The Sacred Sound Collective’ .

Nalini is passionate about empowering women to reclaim their authentic voice , womb wisdom and embodied connection to Mother Earth. She is a mentor in Womb Awakening with the Fountain of Life Academy of Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand , whom she studied with on Big Island , Hawaii .
Nalini offers concerts , workshops , sound healings and ceremonies internationally and is available for private and skype sessions .

To discover Nalini’s music please go to


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