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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan, the ancient art of health and healing, is now being offered at The Sanctuary on an ongoing basis.

Through soft movements, alignment and energy (Chi) cultivation we can achieve a more optimal way of being.

Our Tai Chi classes teach the essence of Tai Chi as well as simple movements that you can take home and do daily.

Why Choose Tai Chi?

  1. Improved Physical Health: Tai Chi is renowned for its ability to enhance physical health. The gentle, flowing movements are designed to promote flexibility, balance, and coordination. Regular practice can help strengthen muscles, improve posture, and increase overall energy levels.
  2. Stress Reduction: In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become a common challenge for many. Tai Chi offers a sanctuary of calm and tranquility. By focusing on soft movements and mindfulness, participants can reduce stress and anxiety levels, allowing for a greater sense of peace and well-being.
  3. Mental Clarity: Tai Chi is not only a physical practice but also a mental one. As you move through the graceful postures, you’ll learn to cultivate mindfulness and focus. This can lead to improved mental clarity, concentration, and a greater sense of self-awareness.
  4. Joint-Friendly Exercise: Unlike high-impact exercises, Tai Chi places minimal strain on the joints and muscles. This makes it an ideal option for individuals with joint issues, arthritis, or those recovering from injuries.
  5. Community and Connection: Our Tai Chi classes offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants. Whether you attend a single session or sign up for a series of classes, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and foster a sense of community.

Your Teacher:

Randall O’Leary

Randall has studied and practiced Tai Chi and soft style martial arts for over 20 years. He practices the Yang Style Tai Chi as taught by Chen Man Ching which involves the Tai Chi form, movement cycles as well as Push Hands and Tai Chi Sword. Randall sticks as closely as possible to the traditional methods as taught by his teachers.

Book Your Private Tai Chi Session Today!

Whether you prefer a private session for yourself or a group, we offer flexible booking options – all for 1,000thb per hour.

For a more immersive and enriching experience, we encourage you to sign up for a series of classes. Delve deeper into the fascinating art of Tai Chi Chuan and gain a comprehensive understanding of its principles and techniques.

To secure your spot, please fill in the contact form below and indicate your preference for a private single or group session.
No prior experience is necessary, as our classes are designed to accommodate all skill levels.

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    Randall O’Leary
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