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In this day-long training session, you will learn pioneering pathways to free stored physical, emotional and creative energies buried in the landscape of our bodies.

Participants are guided as “archaeologists of the soul”, learning pioneering pathways to free stored physical, emotional and creative energies buried in the landscape of our bodies.

Often those experiencing this work let go of patterns of holding back so they are propelled forward in their preferred life direction. In Dr. Garys own words, In these sessions, I stretch the muscles while speaking in affirmations in rhyme, like Dr Seuss, to whimsically transport people on a journey to re-set their self-talk and swiftly transform their relationships to their bodies, partners, communication, creativity and contribution to humanity. It’s powerful and magical work

This revolutionary method of freeing physical tensions, stored emotions and liberating full self-expression has received government endorsement and accreditation from the Department of Employment & Training in Australia. Short courses like this one in the “Wohlman Method for the Whole Person training programs are available for developing holistic practitioners as well as for specialists from any profession  interested in integrating Dr Garys multi-modal approach to enhance the results they get with clients. This hands-on training is also excellent for anyone who has a passion for personal development, and wishes to learn more ways to utilize the power of touching the body and mind at the same time to connect more deeply with themselves and others. We are fortunate to have Dr Gary join us and add his specialty service to our growing international community.

Dr Gary is also available for one-on-one sessions before and after the workshop, throughout October whilst he is visiting us at The Sanctuary.

Cost for Private session: 1,700 THB for 50 minutes /2,300 THB for 80 minutes.


5,000 baht – One Day

9,500 baht – Two Days

12,000 baht – Three days

This Workshop is part of a three day series. You are free to attend any of these, or all three.


10am – 5pm with breaks for lunch and refreshments

(Accommodation isn’t included in workshop price, please see below for options)

About the Facilitator:


Transformational Body Therapist, Presentation Doctor, & Awakening Creativity Artist

Your facilitator for these private and group sessions is Dr Gary Wohlman, who has specialised in this area for nearly 50 years integrating his passion for the visual, healing and performing arts. Dr Gary Wohlman has been providing individual healing treatments and group trainings with his unique method of transformational body therapy he has created and developed, and taken all around the world.

Gary has developed his own system of transformational body therapy that has also grown over four decades into his unique approach to presentation coaching, through which he assists people to voice their message with their whole body, be heard by diverse audiences, and take a stand for their lives.

‘Getting into the zone’ is as much a part of preparing for sports competitions as for any stage presentation. In harnessing the power of being in the zone as an athlete, it became anchored in Gary’s mind that he needed to create tools and resources to coach individuals to connect inner purpose to outer presentation – simply, swiftly and sustainingly.

For Gary, there is always an overarching sense of achievement working with people to unlock the stored physical, emotional and creative energy – and release the related anxiety, tensions and self-talk holding them back. What a tremendous thrill to witness people expressing themselves fully as never before, propelled to move forward with passionate purpose in their preferred life direction.
Whether you experience Gary’s work in a private or group session, you’ll come away with an enhanced ability to bring your Voice & Message out into the world as you dreamed possible

Accommodation Options:

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