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Gracious and flowing movements let us feel like dancers, dancing to the sound of the breath. This is the Dance of Shiva & Shakti, the dance of opposites, the union of the consciousness of Shiva (male energy) and the Kundalini energy of Shakti (female energy) coiled three times like a snake at the base of Sushumna Nadi (the main Nadi alongside our spine) in Muladhara Chakra (at the base of our body) in all practices, including Asana.

In this course, you’ll learn more about this holistic practice, where we’ll combine Pranayama and Chanting Mantras while practicing Asanas.

This will let you experience a deeper and more powerful practice and also bring you to a new state of awareness during the movements.

In addition, Peter will share more of his own meditation practice with you, learning you different techniques how to calm down your mind until it gets into a state of peace, quiet, calm and tranquility.

The mind of a meditator becomes the consciously aware observer during Meditation, not the commander, the judge, the comparer, criticizer, the fixer.


Topic Overview:

Focus on:
• Philosophy of Meditations
• Origins of Meditations
• Practice of foundational Meditations

Foundational Anahata Yoga Practices:
• Anahata Asana Vinyasa
• Anahata Pranayama
• Anahata Meditation
• Anahata Yoga Nidra
• Theory of Dosha Types


Anahata Yoga Immersions are an opportunity to improve your knowledge and practices of the magical aspects of Inner Yoga.

These Anahata Yoga Immersions are suitable for a wide range of people who would like to immerse themselves in an ancient Yoga tradition that teaches people how to love themselves unconditionally.

This comes direct from Shiva, the Adiyogi, who taught Shakti the Dance of Love “I want to join with you, open my heart to you without any expectations, give you all of my love without any conditions, honour and respect this love and never do anything to harm this love, and to create the strength I need to be this loving.“

These people may range from those who already have an existing Yoga practice to those people beginning their Yoga journey that want to create a strong foundation for their Yoga practice.

Each Yoga Immersion is separate but adds to the knowledge and practices of the student from the Yoga Immersion done before until all 6 Yoga Immersions are completed.

During each Yoga Immersion, the student is taught how to explore their own unique personal potential for the many different paths and practices of Yoga.

Let’s grow and evolve together, acknowledging our power of creation and learn to create everything for ourselves, not needing anything from outside.


December 14th:

Arrival Day with a Welcome Dinner in the evening

06:30pm: Welcome Dinner

December 15th – 20th:

6:30am – 7:30am: Sunrise Yoga at the beach, incl. Pranayama Practices and Meditation

7:30am – 8:00am: Short Break
8:00am – 9:30am: Asana Class
9:30am – 11:00am: Breakfast Break
11:00am –  1:00pm: Interactive Lectures
1:00pm – 4:00pm: Lunch Break
4:00pm – 6:30pm: Interactive Lectures

6:45pm: Dinner

Some Evenings:

8:00pm-9:00pm: Movies, Mantra Singing, Fire Puja, Candle Gazing, Yoga Nidra



There are no prerequisites needed to be able to attend these modules. Everyone is welcome to join, from people who’ve already been practicing Yoga for many years to people who just started their practice.

It’s also possible to only join for one day.



On completion of all six Yoga Immersions, if the student has completed a Yoga Alliance accredited YTT200 course previously, the student receives an Anahata Yoga Teachers Certificate RYT 300.

If the student does not require this RYT 300 certificate, then they are presented with an Anahata Yoga certificate certifying the hours of theory and practice they have completed at the end of each separate Yoga Immersion.

This Anahata Yoga Immersion certificate is perfect for those students who are required to do on-going training after completing their teacher training course for certification with Yoga associations.


These six modules that together make a 300-hour course do not need to be taken sequentially. Each module will explore a particular aspect to help the student deeply embody these practices.


6 Day 7 night residential course (50 hours) : Price includes accommodation (please see below)  arrival supper and a further 2 meals a day during retreat. 


Zorba Dormitory – 24,525 thb

Garden Bungalow – 28,375 thb

Hillside Bungalow – 38,525 thb

Weemaan Bungalow – 46,925 thb

1 Day : 3,000 thb (price without food or accommodation)

About the Facilitator:

Peter Clifford

Peter teaches a very rare and old tradition of Anahata Yoga, which maintains the opening of the heart chakra as a connecting point between consciousness (Shiva) and Kundalini energy (Shakti) and represents love, compassion, balance and union.

Peter has more than 56 years experience of living Yoga and has been studying in India with several great teachers like Swami Shankara, Swami Sarasvati, TKV Desikachar, AG Mohan, BKS Iyengar and Rishi Nityabhodananda.

Accommodation Options:

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