Sacred Self: Yoga and Ecstatic Dance Retreat

This yoga and ecstatic dance retreat offers a journey inward, together, in paradise! Our theme is the Sacred Self. Throughout our week together we will experience workshops and classes to reconnect, revitalize and redefine the Self. 


Swara Yoga Academy – 200 Hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training

About Swara: The intent of Swara Yoga Academy is for all students of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to acquire an intuitive knowledge of yoga methods and practices. When teaching our aim is for you to trust your intuition rather than focusing on the information. More feeling, less thinking. Students will learn

Ayurveda for Inner Calm: practices for overcoming stress and anxiety

Three-day immersive journey will highlight Ayurveda's 5,000-year old spiritual and medical solutions to modern stress. The participant will discover powerful hands-on home practices to nurture the nervous system, calm stress and anxiety, manage sleep issues, balance hormonal disturbances.

Discover Your Inner Magic: Cacao & Chakra Yoga Retreat

Equinox Special EQUINOX SPECIAL Join this 7-day transformative immersion to optimise your Chakras and connect deeply with your heart through the sacred powers of Ceremonial Cacao. Gain profound insights and learn powerful tools during this Spring Equinox portal, to start creating a life that is truly satisfying. Each day we dive into one of your 7 Chakras

Dive within Yoga Retreat

The “Dive within” Yoga Retreat is all about Self-Care and personal Expansion. Take your time to turn inside and truly connect through movement and breathe, connect with your inner power & true nature and experience the transformative power of Yoga in a stunning environment.

430 USD

Wonderment Boutique Retreat

The Wonderment Retreat has been curated with the heart and essence of Wonderment, alongside some of their leading practitioners, going even deeper into our transformational healing and strengthening to prepare us for all that is to come.

Sativa Sabai Cannabis Alchemy Retreat: Elevating Your Wellnesss

Join us to co-create an immersive wellness and culinary journey where you will connect deeply with cannabis, the spirit of nature and your inner self. You will integrate ancient ancestral knowledge in ceremonies with modern medicinal cannabis innovation to elevate your perception to a new level. With infused cooking classes, massages, cannabis workshops, ceremonies and sound healing, we aim to create a safe space for you to open your heart and your mind. Inhale, exhale, and heal with your new travel tribe…