Corporate Retreats in Chiang Mai

Corporate retreats are getting ever more popular as companies aim to facilitate bonding in a relaxing environment thus improving morale in the workplace. A retreat is an effective way to bring employees together who may work in different departments / offices and is an excellent PR opportunity for a company to promote the workplace as fun and energetic with exciting benefits.

The thought of booking transportation, accommodation and activities for a group may at first seem like an unnecessary expense for a company boss but long-term benefits and cost savings can far outweigh the initial expense of a corporate retreat. Flying to a new destination, staying at nice accommodation and participating in a fun activity – all for free can have a significant effect on an employee. Employees may return more energized, more engaged in projects and having bonded with perhaps unknown employees more efficient in their work.

Corporate retreats in Chiang Mai are popular because of the myriad of options for accommodation and activities and Chiang Mai itself being an attractive destination for people from all over the world. Costs are reasonable and infrastructure is excellent, so it is easy for an HR manager to organize corporate retreats in Chiang Mai with relative ease.

Choosing Accommodation

The obvious choice for choosing accommodation may be a hotel since there are literally thousands of hotels in Chiang Mai for all budgets. Whilst this is fine for affordable rooms, convenience in booking and peace of mind, the nature of booking a hotel may mean there is a disconnect between company employees as each room is separated by floors and a shared meeting area may not be available.

Another option for accommodation may be a luxury villa in Chiang Mai such as Cha Cha Moon, a majestic property that accommodates groups in a self-contained paradise. The property has been built with love by the owner to accommodate corporate groups, family and entertain friends. The complex sleeps 26 – 38 guests and offers a luxurious experience for those who seek privacy and natural harmony. Different areas of this Chiang Mai villa can be booked depending on group size too making it flexible to the needs of the company. Groups need never leave the villa if desired as all dining requirements can be taken care of, and the expansive garden is perfect for games and team building activities.

Alternatively, a platform such as Air B&B may provide some excellent options for accommodation as again there are literally thousands to choose from in Chiang Mai with some excellent prices to be found. The downside of this is that there is no ground support so additional resources may be needed to accommodate large groups.n on the environment.

Choosing Activities

So you’ve booked your corporate retreat in Chiang Mai, you’ve booked the accommodation, so what about things to do in Chiang Mai? Well Chiang Mai certainly delivers in that area with activities such as ziplining, visiting elephant sanctuaries, trekking, rafting and cycling just some tours available.

Recommended options include ziplining at Flight of the Gibbon, the original zipline in Chiang Mai and set in the stunning Mae Kampong region just an hour from the city. Flight of the Gibbon can accommodate groups both large and small and includes a number of activities such as ziplining, waterfall hiking and a village tour for a more comprehensive package.

Rafting, hiking and trekking are all very popular activities in Chiang Mai and 8Adventures offers tours for all of these options. Located in the pretty Mae Teang valley, activities take place on the Teang river and surrounding mountains with excellent guides and equipment for all tours.

For companies looking for that little something extra special, Thai Eco Solutions offers corporate trips in Chiang Mai that include an element of corporate social responsibility. For example, Thai Eco Solutions can arrange a tree planting event in a national park which not only leaves a lasting impression on employees, it leaves a lasting impression on the environment.