The Union of Opposites

A 5 day retreat into the intimacy of breath, body and relationships

With Mark Whitwell

April 28th – May 2nd

“The desires for extreme states such as ‘Universal Love’ or ‘Tantric Union’ have pierced spirituality, diminishing the value of real personal regard, love and relating.”

In this 5 day retreat (non residential & residential options available) Mark Whitwell will teach Hatha Yoga as handed down from his Vedic tradition. Guiding us back into relatedness with all ordinary conditions, instead of striving for particular energies or states.

The course will specifically explore the depersonalization of Love & sexuality through idealized spiritual concepts. Love and sex have been often obscured or dismissed by the ascetic traditions and major religions or abide in neo tantric practices that both deem that our natural state of sexuality and the expression of love is something that needs to be sublimed into some cosmic state or denied all together.

Hatha yoga is the means by which we heal the primal knot caused by this dysfunctional inheritance.

On that regard, we should start seeing sex as the essence and function of life. Yoga is the enactment of commitment, love, and tenderness towards your own embodiment, which enables commitment, love, and tenderness towards another’s” 

Through actual hatha yoga practice, we discover how to relax and re-sensitize the body, so it can truly love another.  Dropping into presence, without abiding in neo-tantric practices or the patriarchal methods of celibacy, renunciation and withdrawal from the world.

This retreat is the container through which we can become utterly present, by tangibly feeling the beauty of what is already right here.

“Love is personal. It is the appreciation of an actual person or physical existence.

There is so much depersonalizing of love in spiritual discourses. The ideas of “higher love,” “all-pervading consciousness,” “unconditional love,” etc. have grossly distorted our ideas of it.

A disregard of others is inherent in the notion of reaching for God or “the all-pervading” through the vehicle of another. 

“The desires for extreme states such as “universal love” or “tantric union”, have pierced spirituality, diminishing the value of real personal regard, love, and relating”.


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