Upcoming Retreats and Workshops
at the Sanctuary Thailand

The Sanctuary is pleased to be hosting the following events:

Taoist and Tantric practices, rituals and philosophy to embody our feminine treasures and wisdoms

Support yourself, in becoming your own best friend, develop greater intuition and body intelligence.

Learn how to transform the activation of your fight, flight or freeze response and move into healthier relationships. 

Electric Heart

September 4 - September 6

Join Jeremy and Fiona for a yummy three day adventure combining mantra and voice with body based practices.

Kevin James in Residency

September 8 - September 14

Kevin James and his partner Susana travel together and bring music wherever they go.

A life-changing healing retreat; or as a Breath Medicine Training to gain credits toward certification

An exciting, healing and powerful journey of discovering the mysteries of being human

Dissolve your armour, find your voice, speak your truth, give expression to what needs to be heard

Taoist and Tantric practices, rituals and philosophy to embody our feminine treasures and wisdoms

Kaypacha – Dance Your Stars

October 11 - October 17

Journey into self through AstroDance. Explore the planetary energy of your chart and bring it to life.

As an archaeologist of the soul, you'll learn how to free gifts of expression buried in the landscape of our bodies

Bring your Voice & Message out into the world as you've dreamed possible

Release the treasures of your fully-expressed essence through awakening your creative gifts.

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Here at the Sanctuary we love hosting fantastic, diverse and fun workshops and retreats

perhaps we could host yours ?

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Host your own retreat in the luscious jungle halls of The Sanctuary Thailand? We have many options for our world-wide guest teachers…

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Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings

Looking for 200 and 500 hour Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings? They are listed separately on our Yoga Teacher Trainings page…

Yoga Teacher Trainings
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