Upcoming Retreats and Workshops
at the Sanctuary Thailand

The Sanctuary is pleased to be hosting the following events:

The Sanctuary is delighted to host over 40 retreats, workshops and trainings every year. Covering yoga, dance, bodywork, breathwork, spiritual practices and more, each one is designed, created and led by world renowned experts.

Please read on for the full schedule and further information on each offering and teacher.

We advise you to book your place(s) early to avoid disappointment. To book, please follow the instructions on each page.

Tai Chi Tai Chi Chuan, the ancient art of health and healing, is now being offered at The Sanctuary on an ongoing basis. Through soft movements, alignment and energy (Chi) cultivation we

Soul Bliss Retreat

September 25 - September 29

In this 5 Day Retreat we will dive deeply into your path of soul growth. With different unique tools like Yoga, Ritual, Breath, Meditation and Human Design, you will learn how to raise your self-awareness by looking into the oneness of your body, mind and soul.

We are very excited to finally offer another advanced course for experienced and enthusiastic yogis who want to take their sadhana and/or their teaching to another level. If you have done

CircuSoul Yoga Retreat

October 4 - October 9

Guiding your transformative journey is Kerry Tice, a seasoned instructor with over 23 years of experience and a decade devoted to training yoga instructors. Regardless of your previous yoga experience, Kerry's dynamic teaching approach ensures an exceptional yoga experience awaits you. Seize this opportunity to ignite your soul's journey and reserve your place today. Let the magic of Koh Phangan become the catalyst for a life filled with adventure and purpose.

Wonderment Boutique Retreat

October 16 - October 22

The Wonderment Retreat has been curated with the heart and essence of Wonderment, alongside some of their leading practitioners, going even deeper into our transformational healing and strengthening to prepare us for all that is to come.

11th - 17th November 2023 Ready for a transformative journey to connect deeply with your heart and create a life that is deeply satisfying?  This 7-day yoga retreat focuses on optimizing your Chakras

Anahata Yoga Retreat

November 26 - December 8

Are you ready to learn ways of how to re-connect with yourself? Are you ready to find out more about yourself and what your true potential is? Are you ready to live and

During this course you will learn how to view the universe through the lens of the 5 Elements from a Chinese Medicine perspective and tap into nature’s healing wisdom. You will explore the concept of Yin and Yang, Chi and the 12 main energy pathways of the body and their corresponding organs and emotions, which will help inform your Yin Yoga practice and teachings.  

It is our aim at Swara Yoga Academy that all students of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training gain an intuitive knowledge of yoga methods and practices.  We have a special method

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