Upcoming Retreats and Workshops
at the Sanctuary Thailand

The Sanctuary is pleased to be hosting the following events:

The Sanctuary is delighted to host over 40 retreats, workshops and trainings every year. Covering yoga, dance, bodywork, breathwork, spiritual practices and more, each one is designed, created and led by world renowned experts.

Please read on for the full schedule and further information on each offering and teacher.

We advise you to book your place(s) early to avoid disappointment. To book, please follow the instructions on each page.

Anahata Nada Yoga

February 22 - February 28

Anahata Yoga Immersions Module 3  - Nada Yoga : Scientifically sound is a vibration at a particular frequency, and it can be used to produce physical changes in organisms. Some

Dissolve your armour, find your voice, speak your truth, give expression to what needs to be heard

This is an exciting, healing and powerful journey of discovering the mysteries of being human.

Anahata Yoga Nidra

February 29 - March 6

Anahata Yoga Immersions Module 4 - Yoga Nidra : Yoga Nidra was developed from a Tantric practice known as Yoga Nyasa that placed Mantras mentally within separate parts of the

Singing, sound healing and movement and guided shamanic journey into the womb where we will bring our loving awareness , breath to come home to ourselves

Taoist and Tantric practices, rituals and philosophy to embody our feminine treasures and wisdoms

Experiencing the BBTRS to intimately connect with yourself and others. Feeling the full range of emotions, sensations and celebrate life to the fullest.

Transforming Shadows with Jamie Catto

March 28 @ 10:00 am - March 29 @ 5:00 pm

Transforming Shadows - Turn your demons into employees On the Transforming Shadows workshop you will learn how to transform unruly demons into employees and harvest the many gifts within challenges instead of

Access your soul history and Become a Fully Qualified Past Life Therapist. A powerful technique for self-discovery and healing.

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training ThaiVedic Bodywork is a unique opportunity for people across the globe who are interested to help others heal through touch therapies and guidance. It is unique because it is not

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