Ania has over 11 years of experience as a Healer; throughout her journey she studied and gained the wisdom of various techniques such as Sound Therapies, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis Therapy, Medicine Movement and Breathwork which she then incorporated into her own original style of healing.

Ania’s domain is working with the subconscious mind creating experiential journeys using Sound, Chanting, Hypnosis and Energy work. Furthermore she uses Rituals, Ceremonies, Tantric Massage and Movement Medicine to bring a physical aspect to the healing processes.

Ania is a Reiki Master and Attunes others to connect with source energy on each individual level and uses Energy Healing to align her clients to the vibrations of health and abundance.

​In her teaching she is sharing tools and practices to consciously create reality, through the Power of now, Rituals, Fun, Reclaiming Sovereignty, Manifesting Love, abundance and Prosperity.

Deep Sound Relaxation

Finding your inner peace – Deep sound relaxation with Ania

A magical healing experience with sound therapy. Relex, Restorative, and Meditative Journey with Ania.

Duration: 27 minutes

Level: All Level

Required Equipment: For best sound experience please wear headphones

1 year streaming with rental

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