Open Satsang with Om Baba

Visiting us from India

22th – 28th April 2016

Om Baba is a spiritual master, based in Rishikesh, India. He is a close disciple of the great Indian sage Shri Saccha Baba Maharaj. He has lived in the traditional Vedic Ashram of his Master for 12 years, following the pristine discipline of the Sannyasin-monk, and has been trained in the four main paths of Yoga, i.e. Raja, Bhakti, Ghyan and Karma Yoga.

After nine years of intense practice and service to his Master, Om Baba started sharing his realizations with others. Since 2011 he is travelling around the world, sharing Satsangs and Kirtans, and organizing the Vedic Sadhana and silent Retreats. The essence of his vision and teachings is the recognition of one’s own timeless, true Being. He inspires seekers “not to change their little dream with another dream, but to fully wake up from sleep.Om Baba. Open satsang Thailand, advaita vedanta

“Om Baba will share spontaneous lectures for 7 days, will expound upon the essence of the Yogic and Vedantic teachings, will answer our questions and guide us to a clearer understanding of our true Nature.”

The Program is every day for 7 days from 12:30 to around 2pm.

Donation price 300 baht. Book the whole 7 day program and you pay only  1800 baht
For further information about the course or to reserve your place, please contact