Diving into the Unknown  contact improvisation

with Juli Gabor

During this workshop we will explore Contact Improvisation – a joyful movement form that can be calm and slow or wild and playful – an ultimate play.

Everybody can do it according to their abilities and mood. I invite you to let go of form and aesthetics, all plans and expectations and just simply arrive into the present moment and let your body guide you.

We will also awaken the senses and reflexes and invite trust. Trust in the body, in ourselves, and in others.

There is no right and wrong there is only movement.

About the Practitioner

Juli Gabor is a dancer, dance educator, dance organiser and a therapist based in Austria, Vienna.

Juli have studied different kinds of dance forms over the last 25 years such as: contact improvisation (CI), improvisation, release technique, easy acrobatics, contemporary dance, and various social dance forms.