Loving Communication

With Susan

Loving Communication

Deepening Intimacy with Yourself and Others

Would you like to connect more deeply & lovingly with people in your life?

Most of us understand that when we communicate with each other both WHAT we say and HOW we say it is important.  And yet while we understand this intellectually, in practice, we often forget and communicate poorly – unintentionally hurting each other, causing confusion or other issues.

In this 2-hour experiential workshop, you will learn and practice concepts of heart centered communication with each other in a supportive, loving environment.  You will learn techniques from rooted in NVC/Compassionate Communication, Active Listening and Radical Honesty, and through interactive exercises, practice deep listening, appreciations, apologies, and making requests.  This workshop will provide a space for us to practice a new consciousness around our communication so that when we are in pain, stress, or other high emotion we have the tools to deepen understanding, love and intimacy.

Come on your own or with a loved one and experience the new levels of intimacy that are available with heart based communication!

About the Practitioner

Susan Rutherford, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach)

Life, Intimacy and Relationship Coaching

Helping Humans Live More Joyfully

For over 20 years, I have been helping clients create and live their own personal definition of a successful and joy-filled life.  You can count on me to ask the powerful questions that awaken the answers you have inside yourself in order to help you clarify your dreams, focus on what is important and ultimately live a life you love.