Tarot for Beginners

29th – 30th January 2017

2 days to get you started on a lifetime of insightful card readings

Many people are drawn to the tarot cards, with their playful promise of arcane knowledge and mystical interpretation.  This fun two day workshop will teach you a unique system to read any card in any spread with accuracy.

In two days you will learn all you need to begin reading tarot cards for others.  The course has been designed to give you the building blocks you need to sit across from another person and read the tarot for them, confidently and accurately.


You will learn:

  • How to break down and understand the tarot deck
  • A failsafe system for quick and accurate interpretation
  • The suits and the 1 to 10 system
  • The court cards system and The Majors system
  • Tarot history and the tarot industry
  • How to conduct a professional reading
  • How to create sacred space, spreads and connection to spirit
  • The client process – end to end

We will be working The Rider Waite Deck for the training. It is the oldest deck in continued public print and the most popular among professional readers. Its incredible use of symbols and archetypes make it the perfect deck to teach with. Each participant is required to bring their own deck with them to the course and The Rider Waite is recommended for the workshop, where there will be copies on sale.

The course will be taught by Glynn Ryland.  He has been the professional tarot card reader at the Tea Temple for the last four high-seasons, offering insightful readings to hundreds for clients.

“Hello and welcome.  I am an NLP Coach, Hypno-therapist and Timeline Therapist as well as a Professional Tarot Reader. I work with clients around the world to assist their development through personal insight.

All of my work is involved with the un-conscious mind as a powerful tool for change. My tarot work is as much an insight into the un-conscious mind as my coaching work because the cards are, of course, a gateway to truths about a client’s life as reflected in the images. Tarot is a language of symbol and metaphor in this way and it speaks to us at our deepest level of understanding. 

I have had a lifelong fascination and passion for tarot cards, the deck I use for client reading is the first deck I owned at age ten, when I first became involved with the tarot. After reading professionally for many years, teaching the tarot has become a natural progression for me. 

I haven’t always been on a spiritual path with my tarot work however, I used to live a corporate life and worked for two decades as a Creative Director working for companies such as the BBC, Universal Studios and Channel 4. Four years ago I became something of a spiritual nomad and have been travelling and teaching in this time.  

I designed this course for a very specific reason. I have noticed that many clients I read for express an interest in learning tarot, but somehow loose the momentum to do so. Typically they will go out and buy a deck and a few books and begin to study with enthusiasm, but when they are hit by the complexity of the cards, and the fact that there are 78 of them to learn, they can often become overwhelmed and give up. So I created this course to break down the tarot into easy-to-grasp chapters and to allow beginners to understand its structure and meanings in a way that is comfortable and makes sense.  

By the end of the two days, I guarantee that you will be comfortable reading any card, in any spread, and will have the confidence to go out and begin reading for people. The course specifically designed to get you to this point of reading confidently for others, because if you are not reading tarot, then you are not truly learning tarot. 

We all have potential for great intuition and insight within us. The cards are a tool to unearth this quality in yourself. Allow me to teach you how to use this unique and ancient tool in a way that evolves your intuition beyond your expectations”.

Tarot Testimonials

“I took Glynn’s Tarot Reading workshop in Thailand this year and was so ecstatic that after only two days I was doing card readings. I always thought Tarot cards were too complicated to tackle, but Glynn broke the process down into simple, straight forward, and digestible parts. Glynn is a superb teacher and an expert tarot card reader, truly the best person to teach others how to read Tarot. His years of experience, extensive knowledge of Tarot methodology and technique, and deep passion for his work, shows in the way he successfully guides others to use the cards. It was an absolutely beautiful workshop and experience. It has given me another valuable tool in my toolbox, deepened my spirituality and understanding in the magic of channeling the divine and receiving guidance from a higher source”. Amaya James – Yoga Teacher, Health Coach & Intuitive Therapist

“I participated in the tarot course with Glynn and was very impressed with his reading capabilities and knowledge.  I decided to learn and practice because I was driven by the passion that Glynn puts into his course. Glynn has a strong ability to express the tarot and his teaching manner is calm, honest and direct.  He also knows just how to transfer all the information in a meaningful and playful way.  I was fascinated by the way in which he has prepared the course, he clearly understands the world of tarot reading in details.   I strongly recommend him to anyone interested in this subject”. Simona Nucera, Designer,  BluSima Ltd

“Tarot For Beginners is exactly what it promises in its name. I had no knowledge of how to read tarot before attending the course, but the method Glynn teaches to break down the deck made it easy and clear to understand. This course gave me the kick start to be able to read Tarot and from this base it will be easy to deepen the knowledge of each individual card. Thank you so much for opening the world of Tarot for me”. Marjo Sal

Cost and Booking Information

Full workshop price – 5,500 Thai baht

Early bird price two weeks before the workshop – 4,500 Thai baht

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact life@thesanctuarythailand.com


Accommodation is not included within the price of this workshop. If you have not already booked accommodation, please visit our accommodation page to check the options.

For participants of this workshop, we can also reserve limited spaces in our Zorba Dormitory (350 baht per night) and Zorba Private rooms (750 baht per night) for the week of the workshop only

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