Introduction To Tarot with Tia

26th – 28th  February 2018

“Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superious”

This course provides an introduction to the basics of Tarot in a light, positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

You will learn enough to continue your studies independently, to use tarot as a source of insight, guidance and self-determination.

The days will be divided into two parts;

Morning Session – 10.30am – 1pm , Afternoon Session – 3pm – 5.30pm

Topics covered will include (allowing for the unexpected) ;

Introduction to the system and the 5 elements.

Exercises with the cards to activate intuition.

Understanding how to ‘translate’ the cards.

Intuition and Mind – Using both.

Major Arcana, Minor Arcana

Understanding the Court Cards

Guided Meditation

There may be the odd spot of homework. There will certainly be tea.


About Tia

Tia is a tarot reader and teacher, her approach places an emphasis on finding ones path, directed from the NOW. Her sessions are designed to illustrate individual choice in order to enable balance, harmony and HAPPINESS.
A former professional artist, she came to tarot with the suggestion from a friend that she design a deck.
‘This was an interesting suggestion at the time, i came from a belief system that considered astrology as, at best, irresponsible and considered tarot to be verging on the criminal.’
Two years of research followed,
‘It became clear that this is a FASCINATING system, and that this is just one esoteric sys-tem among many, providing practical, actionable guidance along with inspirational insight.’
‘All of these systems are designed to help us reveal our individual path and talents, to put ourselves in a position where we can flourish. Because tarot is a visual system, we can SEE our own narrative.’

Imagine a flow chart that shows you where you are now, the paths that will lead to your happiness and the paths that will take you away from it. That is Tarot.

Cost and Booking Information

Full workshop price –10,000 Thai baht


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