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If you are…

  • Feeling stressed

  • Struggling to keep up with the demands of your life

  • Living on fast food

  • Feeling bloated and overweight

  • Don’t have enough time for you…

………………….. Its time to change your life!




Rejuvenate yourself @ The Sanctuary Wellness Center

  • Remove Toxins and Parasites from the Body

  • Improve your Immune System Function

  • Prevent Chronic Disease

  • Improve Quality of Life

  • Lose Weight

  • Stop and Slow Premature Aging

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is one of the most natural, powerful therapies known to humankind and is used to detox the body. Periods of abstinence from solid food, a ritual since ancient times, allow the body to “cleanse and purify,” to remove multitudes of toxins, excess weight, parasites, and the damage caused by years of fast food, cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol. Add to that work-related stress, indigestion, illnesses, constipation and sedentary lifestyles, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy colon. Furthermore, the cells, tissues, organs of your body are given a well-deserved and much needed chance to slow down, rest, and heal.

With the addition of colon cleansing & colonics (a cleansing regime whereby the colon is flushed out with natural solutions, in itself a potent detoxification tool), our Detox programs offer a transformative, therapeutic process moving you towards much greater states of health and well-being. At the Sanctuary we use the Arise and Shine fasting products.
At the Sanctuary, there is a small intimate family feel at our detox center, and Mr. Moon and his team strive to offer you a very personal service. While our remote location offers us supply and lifestyle challenges from time to time,  it offers you an opportunity to experience a true tropical beach where nature and jungle prevail.

Making it easy to Detox

We offer a variety of Detox Programs or suite the available time you have to give .


Special Accommodations for Fasters

The Wellness & Detox Center has created specially designed rooms for Detox and Colonics. There are 4 types of rooms, Thai style with fan, Villa air-con rooms and Deluxe air-con rooms, and funky fasters dorm with 6 beds and air-con and now our super deluxe rooms with a king size bed and a single bed – very spacious & comfortable .

For those wanting sheer luxury for their stay in the jungle, we also have the Garden Suites and Deluxe Garden Suites available for fasters.

What is a colonic ????

… follow this link to find out more ….Colonic therapy ..

Special Promotion

Special Promotion

Applies to stays between April 20 2017 and July 15 2017

Maximum 3 nights free per booking

This promotion is claim base and is applied to online bookings only. It will not be applied to any claim on-site nor walk-ins.

Book 6 nights  

Get free additional 3 nights

Book   3 nights

Get free additional 1 night

Book any 7 day + package – Detox or Yoga

Get free additional 3 nights

Walk In Guests – for every 4 nights you stay we will happily offer you 1 additional night free of charge ( to max of 3 free nights ) – Please claim at reception

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