Well-Being Packages

Detox & Wellness at The Sanctuary Thailand

Ideal packages for those who are looking for lifestyle inspiration, our packages incorporate :-

Healthy foods, yoga, meditation, exercise, spa treatments, healing sessions and workshops. Combined with plenty of fresh air, sea, sun and good vibes.

We offer these guided Well-Being Packages through our Wellness Center. The general outline is based on an optional but advised intermittent fasting program, combined with a gentle detox program.

We are here at the Wellness center to guide you to choose what would suit you and your goals, whilst still enjoying great food and tropical beach holiday life.

Yoga Holiday Packages

3 Days
7 Days
10 Days

Detox Packages

3.5 Days / 5 NIghts
5.5 Days / 7 NIghts
7.5 Days / 9 Nights
10.5 Days / 12 Nights

What’s included?

  • Pre-fast consultation with our wellness team
  • Comprehensive program support manual
  • 2 meals a day from the program of your choice with probiotic fermented kimchi
  • Daily herbal detox supplements
  • Social evenings over our detox broth
  • Daily Probiotic fiber shake
  • Daily Green Juice, Enzyme drinks and Elixirs
  • Regular Yoga, Pilates or Workshops
  • Daily Spa treatments or Healing sessions
  • Daily Herbal Steam room and infrared tokens
  • Free Meditations
  • Regular support with our wellness team
  • Post-cleanse group advise

Daily schedule

8:30 am: Psyllium/ Probiotic shake
10:00 am: Electrolyte Enzyme drinks & Herbs
10 – 12:00 am: Meal from the program of your choice
2:30 pm: Green juice & Herbs
2:30 pm: Educational cleanse talks
3 – 5:00 pm: Meal from the program of your choice
7:00 pm: Veggie-miso Broth
8:30 pm: Charcoal with lots of water

Colonics and Implants are advised whilst on the programs at additional extra charge.

The Sanctuary Well-Being Programs

All of our packages includes accommodation.

Raw Fest

Dietary Reset

Calories Restricted

Ketogenic Diet