The Shadow in Love with Jeremiah Abrams

Loving Ourselves – Loving Others 

8th – 12th January 2018

“Both light and shadow are the dance of love.”

– Rumi 

This rare opportunity to be with master therapist Jeremiah Abrams will serve as an initiation to your own depth inquiry, a journey to the heart of your personal narrative, to release old patterns, beliefs and stories. There is profound healing and freedom when those aspects of ourselves that have been in shadow can be witnessed and validated.

All of us long to have more love in our lives. But if we ignore the core wounds within us that are responsible for the obstacles to love in our lives, we remain caught in conditioned patterns of failure in intimacy.

Healing the wounds of love begins with a seeing and an accepting of the unfinished in us, a pursuit of the deeper truth of what has happened thus far on our Earthwalk and then, spontaneously, a realisation of what we have made of these experiences.

We will use a Shamanic Dreamtime Journey as a laboratory to retrieve what is up for healing now for you about love. Our circle will be the base for active witnessing and integration. 

The workshop includes 6 hours of group contact time each day and a shamanic Dreamtime Journey.


About the shadow in love

“Wanting to love and be loved is a motive force, an instinct in each of us. All of us long to have more love in our lives. In the heart of every cynic lives a bleeding romantic. There are many offers of help out there for the lovelorn and lovesick: programs and how-to methods for self-improvement to love yourself more, to find love, to attract a soulmate, to strengthen your will and determination, to think, act or be certain ways that will succeed in satisfying our deepest longing. But most such enterprises engage in what amounts to spiritual by-pass, an avoidance of the core of the wounds our souls have sustained in love. The simple necessity to heal the wounds of love requires contact and completion of the unfinished business within us, a revision of the conclusions we have drawn that have in turn unwittingly become obstacles to love. These hidden barriers have accumulated by dint of our life experiences, from honest or ignorant mistakes we and others have made.  Healing the wounds of love is a seeing and accepting and experiencing-an awakening from the sleep of childhood-an inquiry into the deeper truth of what has happened to us on our earthwalk, and then a spontaneous revision of what we have made of these experiences, resulting in a personal narrative that enables our fullest engagement with love.

“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself that you have built against Love”

 – Rumi


What an incredible week! Thank you Jeremiah Abrams for a deeper understanding on LOVE and for supporting me through the Journey. So blessed to have shared the experience with all the beautiful souls I connected with. I have felt so much love and joy in this space. I will be back to this special place.”  Lola Taylor
“Jeremiah Abrams holds such a deep and powerful space for our relationship to love, I loved his retreat here in Melbourne last year.” Emmaline Mak
“This will be brilliant, Jeremiah rocks and this work is profound. I did a workshop with him 2 years ago and it radically transformed my relationship with my mother. 2 months later I went and stayed with her for 6 weeks… had never lasted more than a few days before that. Highly recommend it.” Gigi Kate Mackie
“If you want to learn about Love from a master, Jeremiah Abrams, this one is for you.” Marian Simms

Jeremiah Abrams is a Jungian therapist and author based in Ubud, Bali.

A popular teacher for over 35 years, Jeremiah is consider a leading expert on the human shadow and an innovator in the field of breathwork and consciousness research.

His books include the best-selling Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature; The Shadow in America; and Reclaiming the Inner Child.


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