25th – 29th January 2016

Your ability to flow in life`s graceful direction is reflected in the way you breathe. When you breathe deeply and fully, you can be aware of the true environment around you.

Any trauma associated with a situation, conditioned patterns, and conscious/unconscious beliefs get stored in the body as cellular memories throughout the nervous system. These memories cause stress and core tension in your physical structure and inhibit your breathing patterns. When the breath is shallow and incomplete, your ability to see yourself, your relation-ships and the world around you with clear, sane vision is interrupted.

In this group, we will utilize;

* “BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release” ( A unique and profound system combining specific breathing techniques, gentle cathartic emotional and somatic release exercises, bodywork, conscious movement and meditation.
* Self-Inquiry.  Specific questions will invite you to identify and observe patterns of the mind and their associated behaviors revealing all the “non-truths” you currently believe to be true.

* Exposure. Through supported, constructive and compassionate sharings, you will have the opportunity to expose the “stories” which keep you hidden inside the shadow. When revealed, this energy naturally integrates and turns into the light of presence.

* The support of the magnificent nature and water surrounding you.

The act of combining these modalities will invite the innate wisdom of the body/mind structure to discover, release and resolve your layers of psychological, emotional & physical body armoring and welcome you home to your natural tendencies of love, freedom and gratitude.

“The divine is using the situations of our life to accomplish its own awakening & many times it takes the difficult situations to wake us up”  ~ Adyashanti



Facilitator: Chetana Barkan

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Breath & Body Oriented Therapist, Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie, Chetana works with BioDynamicBreath & Trauma Release as facilitator and trainer and leads “Tao of Gratitude” womens transformational retreats.
Her innate connection to universal spirit, human conditioning, self discovery and awakening led to a profound lifestyle shift where inspired service leads the way. Over the last 25 years Chetana has been learning and sharing integrated mind~body~breath modalities and meditation techniques throughout the U.S., India, Thailand & Bali. She supports her sessions & groups with a strong, grounded presence in conjunction with an open, compassionate heart plus an abundance of joy & humor.

Cost and Booking Information

Full 5 day course price – 12,000 Thai baht

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