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TRE® for Expanded Sexuality is a two day introduction,designed by Fiona Leibowitz, specifically for those wanting to shift or move sexual stress or trauma from their bodies. We learn the importance of clearing the pelvic and sacral regions, working with toning the Psoas Muscle, for a more open, vital and healthy sexuality.  We learn more about the role of Fascia, and it’s relationship to trauma and stress. We also explore The vagus nerve, and how certain emotional and physical contracted patterns, may be keeping us from having more successful relationships, with self and others.

This workshop focuses on TRE® as a means of moving any stressors from the body, in a simple, safe, non-intrusive and organic way. During the two days, we get to practice TRE® 4x – this offers a powerful introduction to the process, and allows for you to continue self regulating the practice at home. We add breath, flow and sound meditations from the Taoist Philosophy, which adds a more focused approach to working specifically with orgasmic energy.

TRE® combined with Taoist Energy practices offers a powerful and safe way of releasing old, toxic and unhealthy stress from the body.  Once we free up our sexual energy and create space for new ways of being, we can ultimately achieve a fuller, more orgasmic and creative approach to our sexuality and to LIFE.

Please note there is no nudity on this workshop.

10.00 – 11.30 Introduction to The Stress of Sex, The Psoas muscle and TRE® Exercises

11.30 – 1.00 Introduction to Taoist Sexual Energy Practices focusing on Vibration

1.00 – 3.00pm LUNCH

3.00 – 4.30pm Chi Kung and Taoist Exercises for the transformation of sexual energy

4.45 – 6.00pm TRE® for Sexual Health and Fascia release


10.00 – 11.30am TRE® Practice

11.45 – 1.00pm Taoist Practices for circulation and flow of  Sexual Energy

1.00 – 3.00pm LUNCH

3.00 – 5.00pm TRE® combined with Taoist Sexual Energy Practices

5.00 – 6.00pm Discussion and Close

 Facilitator: Fiona Leibowitz

Trauma Release Exercises for Sexual Trauma Thailand

Fiona Leibowitz is a Relationship and Sexuality Counsellor and Global Certification Trainer for TRE® – Trauma /Tension Release Exercises.  She has been working with Taoist Tantra for 25 years, and  created “Nectar – Sexual Wisdom & Alchemy”, an understanding into the potency of sexual energy for health purposes.  She believes these meditations and practices key in maintaining a healthy sense of Sexual-Self, as well as physically and emotionally balancing our sexual and creative energies.

In 2008 she added TRE® – Trauma/Tension Release Exercises to her practice, and acknowledges it as a powerful somatic tool for optimal emotional and physical health.

“Somatic exploration, allows our bodies to “simply” dialogue, via its most natural and organic mechanism – home. This is true “Self-Healing”.
As a a Global Certification Trainer for TRE®, Fiona does much travel internationally, and tries, as much as is possible, to assist in communities in need.  Her work aims to explore dysfunctions of the body-mind that may be causing aspects of disease, imbalance and stuckness in the body and in life.
In her sessions, workshops and retreats, she offers powerful tools to reduce stress, tension, pain and other adverse affects of trauma. Her approach to healing is profoundly holistic and empowering – In the field of her practice she also works with Kinesiology (the transformation of information stored on a cellular level), Chi nei Tsung (Taoist visceral massage), Cranio Sacral Therapy and Psychic Surgery . These methodologies aim to uncover deep seated blockages, manifesting often as pain,depression, addictive behaviors, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders or persistent health difficulties. Visit her website

Testimonials for Fiona Leibowitz TRE® Trainer

“TRE® or Trauma Releasing Exercises is a truly unique experience and one that feels connected to the basic needs of our human self.  As one of those busy people who takes on a lot of responsibility, TRE® afforded me the opportunity to relax into the letting go of the excess tension and emotion that builds up in the body. It is a difficult experience to express in words because it speaks to the scientific side of the spiritual self. TRE® offers a quiet moment to travel into the body and release without the need to articulate or intellectualise every feeling. Fiona is a gentle, honest, sensitive and insightful practitioner. She patiently explains the process to your curious side when required or simply facilities your journey to a deeper part of the self. I would highly recommend a TRE® experience under Fiona’s caring guidance.”  Mandy Schreiber – Managing Director

“I am the owner of a nursery school, teaching children between the ages of 18month-5years. I also tutor children with issues across the spectrum.  My work can be highly stressful and at times can cause me some emotional trauma, as can life in general.  I was introduced to TRE® by Fiona about a year ago and often tremor at the end of my day. I used to carry an enormous amount of stress in my back and had knots the size of golf balls, which are no longer there.  TRE® grounds me and has made me lighter both physically and emotionally and has also aided in deepening my intuition.   The benefits have been so profound.  Thank you to Fiona for giving me this incredible tool and gift to work with! ”  Simone Katz     Kidz on Board

“TRE® is the most consistent route I have found to escape negative or debilitating emotions and thoughts. It is my preferred form of meditation as unlike other techniques, I do not need to rely my mind to guide me (when it is actually often the problem), and in fact, it helps to pull me out of the mind.”  Rapelang Rabana, Entrepreneur & CEO

“It was in the middle of a sexistential crisis that I found Fiona.  I had been struggling with strange sexual urges, which were busy haunting me.  My mission was to find the source of these urges.  It was not easy.  I had spoken to all of my friends, done lots of introspection and had tried some professional therapy.  Nothing had worked.  During my first session with Fiona she was able to pinpoint the source of these problems.  They were due to childhood trauma. Fiona taught me TRE® – Trauma Releasing Exercises which helped me to complete the fight/flight process and which helped me feel safe in my own body again.  While there is a lot of healing work still to be done, I can safely say that Fiona helped me put my ghosts to rest and that I am not haunted by the strange urges any more.  I can take my place in society as a healthy sexual being, as opposed to feeling like a perverted outcast. Thanks again for doing what you do.”  Kobus, Student

Cost and Booking Information

Early Bird before 1st December – Full two day workshop – 4,500 Thai Baht

After 1st December – Full two day workshop –5 ,000 Thai Baht 

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact life@www.thesanctuarythailand.com


Accommodation is not included within the price of this workshop. If you have not already booked accommodation, please visit our accommodation page to check the options.

For participants of this workshop, we can also reserve limited spaces in our Zorba Dormitory (350 baht per night) and Zorba Private rooms (750 baht per night) only for the week of the workshop.

When you book the workshop please request the accommodation available for this workshop. If you wish something else then use our general accommodation link.

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact life@www.thesanctuarythailand.com