TRE Global Certification Training

Level I

with Fiona Soma

15-17 January 2017

“In a gentle way you can shake the world.” Mahatma Ghandi

We invite you to join us for this 1 or 2 or 3 days introduction to TRE® – Tension Release Exercises. This will be very experiential – each morning and afternoon session you will be supported through the exercises and tremors, and there will be lots of time for discussion and sharing of experiences. We will practice gentle stretches, asanas, and positions that massage the tissue, muscles and viscera, accessing a deep healing vibration, that aligns us to our true healthy selves. With practice, we can be moved towards a life of more peace, presence, balance and integrity; and a body that is more relaxed, resilient and able to repair.

TRE® is a somatic focused practice for anyone interested in moving into a more cohesive relationship with their body. It is ideal for practitioners of Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Dance and Movement – it is an excellent self regulating tool for those working as medical personnel, doctors, clinicians, psychologists, paramedics and counsellors – or for anyone working with or dealing with daily stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD. It overcomes language barriers as it is a process that doesn’t require language or talking about the event, feeling or issue. Everybody can do this, as the TRE® mechanism, or shaking ability, exists in all mammals and humans. It is the body’s most organic and natural way of unravelling contracted or tight stress patterns, as well as reducing the charge of stress hormones and un-healthy chemical build up, bringing the body back to balance and homeostasis. Once learned, you can do it by yourself, anytime and anywhere to continue the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

The goal of this  workshop is a concise  introduction to the power and healing of vibration – as you deepen into your personal process you will feel the different textures of sensation, as well as obtaining a better understanding of the human organism’s experience with frequency. Each morning and afternoon session you will be supported through the exercises and we will explore the theory behind the model.

This 3 day TRE® workshop is open to everyone, with or without a therapeutic background. You can attend to learn about using the tremors to support and improve your own mental, emotional and physical health, as well as understanding more about how stress affects us on different levels. If you wish to deepen your understanding of TRE® and want to continue becoming a TRE® Global Provider, you need to attend all 3 days of the workshop/Module 1, as it is a pre-requsitie for attending Module 2.

Module 2 Trainings are offered in more than 35 countries worldwide – see  

The key elements for the Global Certification training programme are two x 3 day workshops – module 1 and module 2 – about 6 – 9months apart, There is a supervision process,  and self practice with journalling after module 1 and case studies after module 2.

Some of the benefits of the practice are:

  • More flexibility – in body and in life
  • More grounded
  • Better Posture
  • More Resilient
  • Deep relaxation and better sleep
  • Fuller breath
  • More Presence
  • More Confidence
  • More Orgasmic
  • The ability to hold intimacy

For more on TRE® – Please go to

Module 1 includes:

  • Anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE®
  • Understanding the tremor response
  • Introduction to the Poly-vagal theory
  • Defence reactions as they relate to TRE®
  • Containment and grounding strategies
  • Introduction to basic skills of working with individuals and groups
  • Introduction to TRE® mechanism and 6 X group tremoring experiences

Please note this workshop is not suitable for pregnant women or children.  If you have any disabilities, or have had surgery in the past 3 months, please contact Fiona directly.

There is no nudity or sexually explicit conduct at this workshop.

Cost and Booking Information

Cost per non Thai nationals – 550 US$

Sign up by 10th December to receive an early discount price – 500 US$

Cost for Thai nationals – 8,000 THB

*Please note this does not include registration with TRE LLC – All trainees are required to register and enrol with TRE®LLC at a cost of $35.00

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact

To secure your place on this course, we will request a non-refundable PayPal deposit of 50 pounds.


Accommodation is not included within the price of this workshop. If you have not already booked accommodation, please visit our accommodation page to check the options.

For participants of this workshop, we can also reserve limited spaces in our Zorba Dormitory (350 baht per night) and Zorba Private rooms (750 baht per night) only for the week of the workshop.

When you book the workshop please request the accommodation available for this workshop. If you wish something else then use our general accommodation link.

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact

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