Reshape Your Life

7 Day 9 Night Weight Loss Package

Detox & Wellness at the Sanctuary Thailand

Commences: Check-in Friday for a Saturday start

“Reshape your life” weight loss Package offers you chance to get your body back into shape whilst taking a look at broader health and lifestyle choices that may be getting between you and the happier, healthier life that you really want.

This is total lifestyle package which includes Detox/fasting, yoga, pilates, personal fitness, massage treatments + a range of counselling, bodywork, breath work and alternative healing options.

This programme has an action-packed schedule, with plenty of time for resting and playing and also  lots of fun with your hands on coordinator all the way through.

Yoga Holiday Packages

3 Days
7 Days
10 Days

Detox Packages

3.5 Days / 5 NIghts
5.5 Days / 7 NIghts
7.5 Days / 9 Nights
10.5 Days / 12 Nights

Package Includes

9       Nights of Accommodation
1       Arrival dinner
7.5    Day Cleanse
7       Yoga/ Pilates classes
5       Spa treatments (not waxing)
2       Sanctuary Healing session
3       Private exercise session
3       Infrared Sauna
Free Meditations
Daily Steam Room Pass
Daily access to Lymphatic Drainage Power Plate machine

Prices in Thai Baht, both standard season and peak season

Accommodation types Standard
Budget 53,500
Superior 71,400
Deluxe 81,700
Executive 87,300
Service Package
(no accommodation)

Your physical body is a reflection of not only your personal choices and habits but also of your inner thoughts and feelings. How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about life? Would a few inches off your waistline bring you the happiness that you seek or might a lasting solution require you taking a broader view your health and happiness?

When people take time out from busy lives and turn their attention to themselves and their health, they realise that healthy living choices can made on a much broader scale than just deciding which food goes on your plate. This is where the ‘Reshape your life’ and ‘Sanctuary Thailand’ deviate from traditional weight loss/detox centres. Here in a lush, nurturing, jungle beach setting we have the resources to help you take a look at the other areas of your life that might be playing an unwanted role in your everyday experience. The mind and it’s thoughts about ourselves can unwittingly get used to entertaining toxic ideas and behavioural patterns which are easily overlooked or ignored. It’s often these out of shape thoughts that are creating our out of shape bodies. The opportunity to stop and really tune into what’s going on or what you want out of life rarely comes along… so part of our mission here is to help you assess your thoughts, feelings and life goals to see what might be creating any disharmony. Our team of alternative therapists, counsellors and bodyworkers are on hand to offer a broad range of skills and treatments designed to help you align with what you really want…. a body and a life which you truly love.


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These packages are only available with accommodation included.  Package prices are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.