Weight Loss Retreats at The Sanctuary Thailand

Not happy with your body shape?  Feeling stressed or unfulfilled in life?

Ever consider they might be linked?

The time for change is now!! The rest of your life depends on it…


“Reshape your life” Package offers you a chance to get your body back into shape whilst taking a look at broader health and lifestyle choices that may be getting between you and the happier, healthier life that you really want.

This is total lifestyle package which includes Detox/fasting, yoga, pilates, personal fitness, massage treatments + a range of counselling, bodywork, breath work and alternative healing options.

This package starts with The Raw Fest program; which allows the colon to rest by removing a complex diet and providing natural energy & vitamins from raw foods and supplements. After 5 days, your system will be perfectly prepared for a 7.5 day detox.

This programme has an action-packed schedule, with plenty of time for resting and playing! Check out our two packages below to see which one suits you best!

Here at The Sanctuary Thailand, we have a holistic approach to health and fitness and as such we are focused on bringing our clients back into balance…not just in their bodies but in mind and spirit too. Our intensive ‘Reshape your life’ packages are designed not only to help you kick your body back into shape but also to draw attention to some of the lifestyle and emotional choices that may be silently serving to undermine all your best efforts at finding personal happiness and contentment.

Special Promotion

Special Promotion

Applies to stays between April 20 2018 and July 15 2018

and August 30 to November 20 2018

Maximum 3 nights free per booking

This promotion is claim base and is applied to online bookings only. It will not be applied to any claim on-site nor walk-ins.

Book 6 nights  

Get free additional 3 nights

Book   3 nights

Get free additional 1 night

Book any 7 day + package – Detox or Yoga

Get free additional 3 nights


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