Calorie Restricted Program Details

What’s included?

  • Pre-fast consultation with our wellness team , complete with a comprehensive program support manual
  • On site Check in from our wellness team
  • 2 meals a day from the program of your choice
  • Daily herbal supplements for detoxification and nutrition and Veggie broth
  • Daily Probiotic fiber “shakes”
  • Daily Green Juice and Elixir
  • Daily Herbal Steam room
  • Free Meditation
  • Post-cleanse consultation

Daily schedule

8:30 am: Psyllium/ Probiotic shake
10:00 am: Herbs & Electrolyte Enzyme drink
10- 12:00 am: Meal from the program of your choice
2:30 pm: Herbs & Green juice, Turmeric Elixir
3 – 5:30 pm: Meal from the program of your choice
7:00 pm: Veggie/miso Broth Soup
8:30 pm: Charcoal with lots of water

Colonics and Implants are advised whilst on the programs at additional extra charge.