Additional Wellness Programs
Sanctuary Thailand Wellness

The following adjunct wellness programs can be added to your detox or wellness program or as a stand alone programs

The Candida Cleanse

Why :- If you are concerned about having an fungal overgrowth. This condition is fairly easy to asses during our personal intake

Symptoms:- are you feeling chronic fatigue, mind fog, sugar cravings and bloating, with thrush, reoccurring UTIs, sinus issues, skin/nail fungus infections and joint pain.

Our program:- We serve you fructose free shakes and green juice as well as a whole array of additional supplements: herbal capsules, GSE, oregano oil, black seed oil, pau d’arco tincture, colloidal silver and elixir shots of turmeric/garlic/MSM. This includes a special program for women.

The Heavy Metal Detox

Why:- if you have been living in a city with city water and heavy air pollution or amalgam /silver/mercury tooth fillings.

Symptoms:- are you feeling general fatigue, mind fog, irritated nervous system, tingling or numbness in extremities, anemia and heart palpitations

Our program:- We support this process by serving additional supplements: herbal capsules, milk thistle tincture and charcoal; cilantro/garlic/MSM & turmeric/chlorella/NAC elixir drinks and additional access to the infra-red sauna

The Parasite Cleanse

Why :- If you suspect you have parasites.

Symptoms:- stomach pains, intestinal cramping, gas and indigestion, with or without anal itching, general tiredness and mood swings, anemia, grinding the teeth at night, occasional itchy skin and sugar cravings or nausea after eating sweets

Our program:- We serve you fruit-sugar free shakes and green juice as well as a whole array of additional supplements of GSE, black seed oil, oregano oil, herbal capsules, anti-parasite tincture of wormwood, clove and green black walnut hulls; diatomaceous earth, colloidal silver, specific herbal tea, turmeric/MSM elixir drinks and sessions on our electronic parasite zapper device.

The Liver Cleanse

Why:- is advised for above regular alcohol or drug use or been exposed to toxic chemicals or mold. Also beneficial for those eating fried foods, lots of cheese or processed foods. Indications would be bloating and constipation alternating with diarrhea, with bad smelling stools, sensitivity to oily foods, skin conditions, eye issues and emotions of anger and irritation.

Our program : We prepare you for the flush with elixirs of turmeric and beetroot/milk-thistle and raw apple cider vinegar for the malic acid needed to soften the gall stones and open the bile ducts. The actual flush is the classic Epsom salts and the olive oil/ lime drink, with a coffee colonic and electrolytes and probiotics in the morning to aid recovery