Women’s retreat at The Sanctuary Thailand



28th June – 3th July, 2015

The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan ~ Thailand.

Facilitated by: Beata Alfoldi and Jemma Rivera Hayden.

Women's retreat at The Sanctuary Thailand


This five-day transformational women’s retreat is a deep immersion experience into the heart of who we truly are. We will explore in practical ways what it means to be in connection with one’s own inner wisdom, beauty and power; and how this connection with Self affects every area of our lives.

Transformation of consciousness can only happen when we are embodied within our lives. When we are embodied in our lives ~ our innate wisdom, courage and power allows us to find the answers within so that we are able to transform all of our stories into ‘medicine gifts’ and ignite the inner passion, fire, wisdom and strength that it takes to fully reclaim our lives.

In a safe and supportive environment, we will explore ancient practices of walking the medicine wheel, shamanic journeywork, tantra, yoga, qigong, guided visualisations, group processes, ancestral clearing, ceremony, ecstatic dance and more.


Beáta Alföldi Women's retreat at The Sanctuary Thailand

Beáta Alföldi

Beáta is a noted teacher, workshop facilitator, shamanic & energetic healer, writer, speaker and intuitive with a gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation. She facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops and international retreats and has featured at major events, festivals and conferences. Beáta created and co-facilitated a transformational group journey to Peru, where she lived and was initiated into the ancient shamanic practices and plant medicines of the Amazon and Andes and also regularly facilitates workshops and retreats in Australia and abroad. She is passionate about inspiring individuals to find their own connection to spirit, soul, and nature, and the courage to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and radiantly alive!

For more information on Beata’s work visit: www.wildheartawakening.com


Jemma Hayden Women's retreat at The Sanctuary Thailand

Jemma Hayden:

Internationally renowned teacher, workshop facilitator, holistic lifestyle mentor, writer, presenter, speaker, community activist and founder of Jing Life.

Jemma is dedicated to facilitating private sessions, classes, workshops and international retreats, as well as being regularly featured in national & international yoga festivals and major events. Knowledge and empathy for her students comes from her magnitude of experiences and adventures as a modern day explorer into many varied indigenous cultures and other healing modalities.

Jemma’s passion is to assist mankind in revealing their true nature and authenticity, reach their full potential so they may live an inspired and empowered life – full of love, passion, peace and purpose! If you’re ready to optimize your wellbeing and discover your potential and live in an inspired life come and join us for this transformative retreat.

To learn more about Jemma visit: www.jinglife.com.au

Cost and Booking Information

Numbers are limited to 20 women for this event and will book out.

Please contact the teachers or further course information, fees and bookings. Details you can fin HERE 


Please contact the Teachers for further course information and bookings. The Sanctuary is a host of this event and we don’t take bookings.

If you wish to book accommodation, please contact the Sanctuary – accommodation is not included with the course fees.

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