What is it that your heart desires?

The Sanctuary is a place where you can feel free to express your true self in the present moment and explore the journey that is life..  and Sanctuary Life has something to offer everyone!  We believe in creating space for meditation, transformation and celebration.

Visit Sanctuary Life at the Tea Temple to be part of our community and discover everything that is happening at the Sanctuary during your stay!


Whether you are a meditation master or just opening your third eye for the first time, we invite you to explore and discover what lies within.  Meditation brings relaxation, mental clarity, inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.  Our nightly free meditation classes are an easy introduction to many different forms of meditation.


The Sanctuary is the perfect place to take time out to choose a new direction and transform yourself physically and spiritually, improving your whole wellbeing!  Complementing the highly regarded cleansing programs at the Wellness Center, our team of healers and natural therapists will assist you to access your body’s own healing potential.

Building on the foundation established by The Sanctuary’s popular yoga classes and retreats, Sanctuary Life offers a great diversity of classes, workshops and events all year round.  The School of Life is our series of transformational workshops during in the high season from January to March every year.  The Sanctuary also specialises in hosting unique private retreats and trainings for teachers and retreat leaders from a range of disciplines.


Enjoyment and celebration of life in the present moment is at the core of our philosophy! We warmly welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to our corner of paradise to meet new friends and have a great time.  This is a place where open-minded people from across the world get together to share their ideas and enjoy great company.  We host a variety of group events, workshops and classes for you to enjoy every week.  Join us every Thursday evening at the Sanctuary restaurant for our entertaining and very popular Open Mic night!