Counselling & Coaching

Holistic Counselling

Do you want to feel free? To de-clutter your thoughts, identify your blocks and learn how to get out of your own way?  Do you want to learn real and practical tools to get back to your authentic self? Holistic Counselling includes the ‘all of you’, recognising that we are multi-faceted human beings and our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health need to be in-line for us to function at our best. In holistic counseling sessions you will discover ‘the Art of Gutism’, how to get in touch with your intuition and drown out the noise so you can trust and make decisions that are right for you. Practical tools are designed to help you quiet your mind, understand and break out of negative thought patterns, gain clarity, focus, calmness and grounding, and improve communication in your relationships.

Detox Support

Is your detox bringing emotions to the surface? This is because our stomach, our gut, is not just the centre of our digestive system but also the centre of our emotions and intuition. A full and complete detox includes both the body and the mind. In detox support sessions we identify the root of the thoughts, emotions or lifestyle patterns that have been brought to the surface by the detox process so that you leave feeling free and empowered in your next phase of life.

Life Coaching

Have you lost inspiration or enthusiasm? Do you have unmet needs or unlived dreams? Perhaps you have a vision for your life or business that you are struggling to realise, or you want to explore a totally new direction? This is when our life coach can help you uncover ‘the disconnect’, gain new momentum, and guide you through the process of creating a life you really love. Connect to your intuition and inner strength so that you can navigate the emotional landscape of change, helping you to find stillness in discomfort and inspiration in uncertainty. Learn tools for a more passionate and purpose driven version of you that enables you to maximise your potential.