Women’s Wellness

Jade Egg Practice

Once revered and considered more precious than gold, jade is believed to promote tranquility and longevity, balance energy and aid fertility. Using a Jade Egg to strengthen the pelvic floor is an ancient Taoist practice that evolved in China. The women of the Royal Palace kept this secret for centuries. When a woman develops a Jade Egg practice, she deepens the connection to her sexual energy, which can be a very liberating and empowering experience. A Jade Egg practice improves the strength of the vaginal muscles, increases orgasmic pleasure and your overall health and wellbeing. Regular use prevents prolapse of the womb, stimulates reflex points that connect to the major internal organs of the body, and can restore elasticity of the vagina after childbirth. Jade Egg Initiation Journeys are conducted in a private and relaxed space to facilitate the discovery and development of your personal practice. In one session you will learn how to correctly use the Jade Egg and how to integrate the practice into your daily life.

Womb Healing & Blessing

Having a womb is one of the most fundamental aspects that make us a woman. Our womb is a hugely powerful place within us, and yet for many of us it is a wounded and forgotten place. Womb healing and blessing is held in sacred ceremony and awakens the female archetypes, bringing more awareness to the menstrual cycle.

Tao Tantric Arts for Women

Tao Tantric Arts for Women is a fusion of Taoist and Tantric practices, rituals and philosophy. Designed to embody our feminine treasures and wisdoms. prepare to go on a beautiful, wild and tender journey of self-love, care, empowerment and juiciness. The Tao is the origin of Chinese medicine, an in-depth study of the Five Elements that make up all of life. The Tao, meaning ‘The Way’, looks at how we can harness our inner forces for health, sexual power, vitality and longevity. Tantra is an Indian philosophy. Tantra means ‘to weave’, and is a path of uniting aspects of life that appear to be separate. Ultimately it is understood that the nature of Ultimate Reality is Oneness, but the appearance of separation can cause us suffering in many areas of life. In Tantra we explore many dualisms, such as love and sex and masculine and feminine, using powerful methods and meditations to unite the two. This has many practical applications, relationships being a major area in which we can apply Tantric methods, wisdoms and ritual. On a Tao Tantric Arts retreat or teacher training you will experience a rich offering of embodiment practices and rituals enabling you to delve deep into the wild womb wisdom of being a woman.