Writing from the Source

with Romi Grossberg

16th – 17th February 2017

Join author and writing therapist Romi Grossberg on this 2-day adventure of creativity and written word. Whether you are a writer, poet, musician, blogger, avid journal writer, or someone who wants to tune in on how to write from an intuitive, sub-conscious space, this is for you!

Learn how to free yourself from judgment and free yourself from the non-stop talking mind. Let your creativity shine. Discover how to write from your source, your gut.

This course uses writing as the tool of creativity and expression: to get in touch with your emotions, learn to listen to your body and re-discover your intuition. You will learn to identify where in your body you think and feel from and tune in to your stomach: the centre of your emotions, your gut. These 2 days will be full of fun, self-enquiry and creativity. All languages welcome.

About Romi

the-5-minute-guide-to-emotional-intelligence-3dRomi Grossberg is a counselor, writing therapist, workshop facilitator and author of The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence. A Tedx presenter, she has published numerous articles and non-fiction stories on art/dance therapy across Australia and Asia and writes for Huffington Post on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Romi has been running Creative Writing and Writing from The Source workshops in Australia and Thailand since 2013.

Connect on her website for more information and testimonials.



“I’ve done a lot of workshops and that was definitely the best workshop I have ever done.”

Adam, Australia

“What a beautiful, creative workshop. To go in thinking “oh I can’t write and I have nothing to say” and to find yourself writing deep and creative stories in a completely organic way. Connecting to your source is undoubtedly the way to connect to your true self. Romi has an organic way of bringing out a hidden creative side of people with her simple and ‘getting out of your mind’ exercises. Thank you for helping me unleash the hidden creativity and truth within!

Kiara, U.K.

“Romi shared amazing exercises with us which were extremely helpful for me to get out of my “never stop talking mind”. I learned the importance of surrendering to whatever comes on a writing paper. During the workshop, I wrote in Japanese and someone else in French. It was such an open hearted writing workshop and amazing to experience how people can still communicate and understand each other with writing in different languages.”

Ai, Japan

Your creative writing workshop helped to remove some shadows that kept me from writing.”

Lisa, Hungary

Cost and Booking Information

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