Yoga Teacher Trainings

at The Sanctuary Thailand

The Yoga Teacher Training Experience of a Lifetime!

At the Sanctuary Thailand yoga retreat we are fortunate enough to host incredible yoga teacher trainings from schools across the Globe! With a variety of schools and styles holding training courses; there is something on offer for everybody. Below is a description of the courses coming up; and links to the individual websites so you can check them out in more detail.

All of our yoga halls at The Sanctuary Thailand are located in our beautiful tranquil jungle, surrounded by nature. The perfect location to immerse in learning and still feel like you are on holiday!


200 hr Foundations Yoga Teacher Training

February 6th – March 4th, 2022

It is our aim at Swara Yoga Academy that all students of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training gain an intuitive knowledge of yoga methods and practices. We have a special method of teaching, which students gain knowledge through direct experience.

Our approach to teaching is more intuitive than informational, more feeling than thinking. Knowledge and experience lead to wisdom; students not only learn about the practices of yoga, but more importantly students learn about themselves and the yoga through direct experience.

From this foundation, yoga teaches us about the flow and grace of life. Yoga means ‘connection’ and the most important thing you can learn is how to connect what happens on the mat with what happens off the mat. It’s “The Yoga of Everyday Living”. This kind of yoga can then open the way for intelligent and intuitive teaching.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Features:

  •  Asana and Postures in Slow Flow VInyasa Style
  •  Pranayama, Breathwork and Our Signature Swara Yoga Breath System
  • Meditation Including Yoga Nidra
  • Nurturing Yin Yoga Practice
  •  Careful and Detailed Alignment Lessons
  • Using Props and Modifications to Help Each and Every Student
  • Teaching Practice Daily
  • Anatomy and Yogic ‘Subtle Anatomy’
  •  Our Easily Digestible ‘Practical Philosophy
  • Mantra and Fire Rituals
  • Reggae Yoga for Fun and Good Vibes
  • Traditional Lessons from the Heart of Indian Spiritual Practice

Our 200 Hour Course can be done all in one go, taking 4 weeks to complete. If you cannot make it for a month,  you can break it up into 2 sections of 2 weeks each, which you can complete at any time. Part 1 deals with the Foundations of Yoga practice, Essentials of Philosophy, Foundations of Asana and Posture, as well as Breath and Pranayama, Teaching Practice, Anatomy and much more.

Part 2 continues with the practice and exploration of the postures as well as Sequencing, Adjustments, the Art of Teaching, more Advanced Postures and Breath Practices, Ayurveda, Chakras, Yoga Nidra and much more.

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The Swara Yoga Academy offers comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Online Study Modules & Yoga Workshops and Retreats in Thailand, Bali, Europe and South America. We offer a detailed, holistic curriculum, long term study options and ongoing mentorship to our worldwide community of Swara Yoga Teachers.
We share practices which are deeply rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga, and also embrace Tantra, Taoism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, modern  science  and nature-based shamanic lineages. We specialise in Pranayama and subtle energetic practices.

The Swara Yoga Academy Teachers are a soul family who have dedicated their lives to the ongoing practice, study, and transmission of these life-changing teachings.

Our teachers are of the highest calibre, each holding a very unique set of skills and passions which have their roots in different lineages. As a collective, we embrace our diverse approaches and viewpoints, which give our trainings colour and depth. We cover a broad spectrum of subjects which are allocated to each teacher according to their expertise and passion. As leaders on the courses, we are here for you, to help you learn and grow into your most radiant self!