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Yoga at the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Yoga is one of the oldest regular yoga programs in Thailand.  For over 25 years, we have offered a wide variety of transformative and fun yoga classes.  Our yoga classes are tailored for people of all levels and experience.  Beginners can learn the basics and continue to build their yoga practice; more experienced students can come join us to take their yoga to the next levels of depth.  Truly, Sanctuary Yoga is for everyone.

We offer 2 regular daily classes, each with its own flavour.  Our morning class is more dynamic and is similar to the Vinyasa Flow style, but with lots of breath, philosophy and meditation mixed in.  The afternoon class is quieter, focusing on stretching and releasing in the Yin Yoga style.

You can join us for drop-in classes or sign up for a complete yoga package that includes private lessons and other perks, to make your yoga experience even more delicious. Please see below for details.

Daily Schedule

  • Vinyasa Flow and Breath, 8.30am
  • For beginners and fasters 10.00am 
  • Yin Yoga 4.00pm
My week at The Sanctuary was truly life changing. Surrounded by the serene beauty of the jungle and sea, I found peace in daily yoga sessions, enjoyed delicious and healthy meals, and connected with the most wonderful people. The attentive staff made my experience even more special, always ready to help and making sure I felt cared for at every moment. It's more than just a retreat.. it's a sanctuary where I rediscovered myself surrounded by nature's embrace and in the process, this place became my home away from home 🙏🏾❤️ Thank you all! And see you later.
Response from the owner: We're thrilled you had such a delightful time at the Sanctuary! It fills us with joy to know you created happy memories here. We eagerly await the chance to welcome you back for another unforgettable stay.Nolan
This place gives you the feeling of having found another home from the moment you set foot on the bay. You can feel that special people - staff and visitors together - shaped the Sanctuary and its surroundings over the last decades, with a special motivation: building a place to recharge, recover maybe, finding peace. The food is amazing, the staff, the trainers and yoga teachers. And also the people that come here, many since many years. It’s a community.I took part in a 200h yoga teacher training at the Swara Yoga Academy at the Sanctuary guided by Randall o’Leary, and can recommend these four weeks of intensive learning from my heart. Very accessible, a way to deeply reconnect to yourself, the body, mind and especially focusing on the breath. Even if you don’t count yourself as an advanced practitioner you can take part, you will be able to finish the training. Go try :)
Response from the owner: Your amazing words are more than just a review - they're a gift to our hearts! We're so grateful for you taking the time to share your experience, and we're thrilled you enjoyed everything The sanctuary has to offer. We look forward to personally welcoming you back soon!Nolan
I did my Yoga Teacher training with Randall & Freya in March of 20204. It was truly transformational & turning point in my life. A little over a year ago, my physical and mental health were at an all-time low. Yoga, and the incredible guidance provided throughout this program, have been instrumental in my remarkable transformation. I landed at the Sanctuary one year prior to deciding of doing the YTT & the environment, staff, yoga teachers, vibes & food truly helped me gain my health back.The emphasis on progress over perfection resonated deeply with me, creating a supportive and authentic learning environment. This focus allowed me to explore my practice without judgment, building strength and confidence both on and off the mat.I am incredibly grateful for the dedication of the teachers and the healing power of yoga itself. Randall is truly one of the best ad most authentic teachers you will find & his life long dedication to yoga demonstrates it. This program has 100% equipped me with the knowledge and tools to share this transformative practice with others.If you're seeking a truly transformative yoga teacher training experience, look no further.
Response from the owner: We're so glad the Sanctuary provided you with a haven of happiness. Knowing you enjoyed your stay brings a sense of peace to our hearts. We sincerely hope to have the honor of hosting you again someday.Nolan
This was one of the best things I ever did in my life. For my body, for my soul, for feeling connected to myself and others.I took part in the 200 hour yoga teacher training offered by the Swara Yoga Academy in the Sanctuary with the best teachers ever - Randall and Freya. From the first moment they made clear: this yoga course is not about maximum performance, acrobatic tricks or competition. It‘s about experiencing yourself, feeling good, gathering more energy than you loose in your daily life.At the same time you can learn challenging yoga poses. They guide you there step by step.In our group we felt like a family and had lots of fun in class. Thank you so much also for this, dear Freya and Randall. I love your sense of humour!And last but not least: the beautiful blue sea, delicious breakfast every day on the beach, the loveliest staff you can imagine in the restaurants and reception and everywhere in the Sanctuary.Just simply a wonderful place to be.I miss you all.
Response from the owner: Your happiness while staying with us at the Sanctuary brings a smile to our faces. We cherish the opportunity to create a haven for our guests, and we truly look forward to welcoming you back with open arms someday.Nolan

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