Your Journey into Yoga

at the Sanctuary Thailand

Anybody can practice yoga, age is not a barrier. Yoga is often chosen over other kinds of exercises as it offers calmness for body, mind and spirit at the same time.

Reasons you’ll love yoga at The Sanctuary retreat

1. Three Yoga halls beautifully integrated in and around the Jungle.

2. Natural sounds of the jungle to connect you to nature.

3. 25 years of experience of offering a variety of yoga, yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings and all inclusive holiday packages to suit your mood and level. Pamper packages available too!

While Yoga has evolved into many different forms of practice, teaching the essence of a healthy and mindfulness practice that goes back 1.000’s of years.

There are many health benefits associated with Yoga including:

  • Improve flexibility, strength, and posture & better all round fitness.
  • Weight loss with a noted increase your energy.
  • Breathing better with reduced stress, bringing increased mindfulness.
  • But most of all, being happier in life!

This experience is enhanced at The Sanctuary with our 3 individually unique Yoga halls, beautifully integrated into the Jungle. The natural Jungle sounds help you connect to nature while our qualified and experienced teachers guide your practice..

We have over 25 years’ experience, offering a variety of Yoga classes, Yoga Retreats & Yoga Teacher Trainings. Our Inclusive Yoga holidays make it easy to commit to yourself and have classes to suite your mood and level on a daily basis, while also allowing time for you to pamper yourself in our Tree house Spa and Tea Temple. Welcome to Yoga at The Sanctuary

Daily Yoga

Inclusive Yoga

Yoga Teacher

Please Note: We cannot accept credit cards @ The Sanctuary - Cash Only