Breathe Well and Transform Your Life!

It’s an established fact that the breath is the foundation of life. The influence of breath and the corresponding prana (life-force) touches every part of our worldly existence, from levels of energy and enthusiasm to the functioning of our perceptions and thoughts.

Yogis were not content to just let nature assume its meandering course, because life can so easily take humans into imbalance (and even illness) if we are not deeply aware of our habits and patterns. Thus, the Yogis developed a system called Hatha Yoga, which was designed to teach seekers how to grab ahold of their breath, energy, health and consciousness and influence it in a positive and wise way.

Asana (yoga postures) are actually a preparation for the practices which directly work with prana, which is called Pranayama. This is much more than simply breathing, but breathing is where it begins. Most of us do not breathe particularly well overall. Good breathing supports life and poor breathing hampers it. Pranayama starts with teaching us how to breathe well and then goes on to teach us how to work directly with life force by changing the nature of the breath through specialised breath techniques.

Pranayama is a very powerful and fascinating stage of Hatha Yoga practice. It demands a lengthy and thorough investment of time and energy to unlock its secrets. Yogic breathing gives us access to special and unique flows of prana which actually transform the very nature of the prana and thus the nature of the entire being. Learn Yogic breathing and change your life!

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